Published On: Sun, Mar 25th, 2018

Is Rofx.net Scam or not?


Having bought, used and tested several forex robots since 2006, the writer is in a position to provide a proper evaluation on what robots are legit and which ones are fake. So when people ask: is Rofx.net a scam? The firm response to this is a categorical NO. Scam software tend to have certain attributes, and software that are not scam also have different attributes.

Here are the attributes of a software that is not a scam.

  1. Naturally it has to be profitable. The very essence of forex trading is to make money, therefore any robot that does not do this is a scam software. Rofx.net makes money for its clients, and the annual trade results over a 10-year period prove this conclusively. Profitability is never measured in terms of a few stellar performances. It is possible for a robot to rake in thousands of dollars in the first three months of a year, and then post losses subsequently, thus erasing all gains made previously.
  2. A legit robot should be able to adapt to changing market conditions without losing its ability to make money. Only a neural programming setup can deliver this ability, and Rofx.net satisfies this condition.  
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photo/ Gerd Altmann

Why Rofx.Net Is Not Scam

One of the hallmarks of profitable forex trading is the ability to make responsible trading decisions. When it comes to using forex robots to do the job, there has to be an element of discipline on the part of the robot. With many of the robots in the market, this element is missing, and that is why there are so many unprofitable robots. But this is not the case with Rofx.net’s robot. The robot is programmed using neural network technology and artificial intelligence. What this means is that the robot can recognize market situations that are too risky to trade, and market situations where it is possible to profit.

One of the elements that make Rofx.net legit is the ability to trade with very low risk. As testified by a user of the robot, businessman Alfred Zammit, he receives a profit of 30 Euros every day for his investment of 15,000 Euros. This represents a return of 0.2% per day. While this may seem small to some people, true professionals in forex know that this kind of return suggests very strict adherence to money management. Money management is what separates profitable traders from the unprofitable ones. A robot which applies money management will be able to make profit in the long run. A loss sustained in a few days of trading will not decimate the account, which is one of the secrets to market longevity.

Perhaps the best advantage that the Rofx.net is the loss coverage option, which makes usage of the Rofx.net robot totally risk free.


In today’s world where wages and earnings never really keep pace with inflation, having several streams of income is the way to go. What better income stream can an individual have than one which works based on a system and not on physical effort? Rofx.net is not fraud-related like many of the HYIP schemes out there are. It is based on a system which trades a market that is 46 years old and counting. The robot does all the work for you. All you do is to enjoy daily profits. If you want to get the best of this software, allow your money to work for you on a long-term basis. Imagine earning 0.38% daily returns for the next 1 year, 5 years or 20 years. The possibilities are endless.

Author: Lee Sadaowski

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  1. roger says:

    Seems like a scam

  2. Elies Tapia says:

    Their data is not backed or proved by anything. They do not have full transparency and there is no good logical as to why despite they may say otherwise. Whatever they tell you as to why they do not display their fxbook is a complete lie. It does not display their trades or anything of that nature so either one of two things are transpiring either it’s a sham or they are making more profits then they actually state because if you dig deep in to other AI on the markets they return your money 3 fold within a few months

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