Published On: Sun, Jul 11th, 2021

Is it Worth Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer?

The immediate aftermath of a car accident could range from the frustration of having a vehicle repaired to long weeks recuperating from a serious injury. In most cases, an accident victim will turn to the insurance company to discuss their ability to be compensated for their losses. This initial decision will often be influenced by the type of state you live in: “fault” or “no-fault.”

Nonetheless, you should always consider speaking with an experienced car accident attorney. In nearly every case, an auto accident attorney in Philadelphia will offer a free consultation to review the facts of your accident and your available options. If another person were to blame for the accident, a lawyer could assist you in establishing liability. Additionally, most accident victims do not fully appreciate the value of the potential claim. Without understanding what your claim is worth, it is impossible to evaluate an insurance settlement offer.

If you suffered a severe injury in a car accident, you should concentrate on your health while a knowledgeable personal injury attorney deals with the various insurance companies to maximize your compensation. Even though your case might never come close to going to court, a skilled lawyer will help you obtain the monetary recovery you deserve.

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The Advantages of Having an Experienced Car Accident Attorney Advocating for You

If you were injured in a car wreck, you are not going to turn to your friends or family for medical care. You are going to turn to an experienced medical professional that you trust. Likewise, you have legal rights and options following an accident. You should have a knowledgeable supporter and advocate on your side. This is especially the case if your injuries are serious, extensive, or permanent. A personal injury attorney will protect you from making decisions or taking action that could limit your compensation.

Valuing Your Damages and the Legal Strength of Your Case

Before you can think of negotiating with an insurance company, accepting a settlement offer, or filing a lawsuit, you need to understand several factors.

First, you need to know what your damages are, including your medical expenses, lost income, and more subjective harm such as pain and suffering. When you accept an insurance settlement, you are also releasing the at-fault driver and their insurance company from any future liability. If your injuries are more severe than you initially thought or if you are unable to return to work when you anticipated, you are prohibited from seeking additional compensation.

To protect your health and economic well-being, an experienced automobile accident attorney will ensure that all your damages have been calculated. They will accomplish this by working with medical experts to determine whether you require additional treatment and a financial advisor to calculate how your injury will impact your future earning capacity. Your damages are much more than your immediate out-of-pocket expenses and medical co-pays. Only once you understand the true extent of harm you suffered, can you accurately assess an insurance settlement offer.

Additionally, the legal strength of your case is also of critical importance. When determining a settlement offer, an insurance provider will also look to what would likely happen if you took your case to court. If the available evidence is not in your favor, any offer will be artificially low. However, if you are not gathering evidence, the insurer will proceed as if you do not have a strong legal position. An experienced attorney will gather evidence to determine the strength of your legal case to pressure an insurance company.

Negotiating With an Insurance Company

Negotiating with an insurance company is rarely straightforward. As explained above, an attorney will do the necessary preliminary work to strengthen your position during a negotiation. An insurance adjuster is a professional whose job is to limit their company’s liability. Their job is not to approve your claim. An adjuster will commonly offer an accident victim a quick settlement to get money in their pocket. However, this amount is rarely sufficient to cover a victim’s full damages.

An attorney will handle any communications with the insurance company while you concentrate on your medical treatment. The tactics an adjuster normally employs when speaking with a regular claimant will not work with a seasoned legal representative. While an attorney cannot guarantee that an insurer will offer a reasonable figure, you can be assured that they are aggressively fighting for your best interests.

Prepare Your Case for Court

Not every car crash case goes to court. However, you want an attorney who is prepared to take your claim before a judge or jury. By investigating your accident, gathering evidence, and building a liability case, an aggressive attorney lets the insurance company know that you are serious. In some situations, it becomes necessary to push an insurer into a lawsuit to maximize your compensation.

Legal Advice and Guidance

An experienced car accident attorney understands the state and case law that will govern your case. Every accident claim is unique and presents different challenges. A pragmatic lawyer will offer practical advice regarding your available options and knows the applicable time limits under the statute of limitations. Missing an important deadline could completely derail your settlement negotiations.

Having an advocate who provides practical advice is critical in helping an accident victim make the correct decisions. Anyone who is injured in a car crash wants to receive a reasonable and fair recovery. An experienced car accident attorney offers peace of mind and the realization that you have someone fighting for your rights. Insurance companies employ adjusters and attorneys to protect their interests. If you lack a capable legal representative, you put yourself in a disadvantageous position.

Author: Roland Ellwood

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