Published On: Tue, Feb 9th, 2016

Is it really possible to stay young with human growth hormones?

If you’re interested in all sorts of adventurous activities like hunting, mountaineering and many more such whacky things, your biggest possible threat must be your growing age. Don’t you wish you could stop yourself from aging so that you could enjoy such things throughout your life? If staying young is what is in your mind, you must have heard about the most important hormone in our body which is called the human growth hormone. It is fundamentally due to the human growth hormone that there is constant regulation of the release and production of other hormones that are required in the proper stitch and growth process which happens within our body. If you wish to know more on human growth hormones, here are some important facts that you need to know.

Different types of human growth hormone therapy:

photo courtesy of Greenberg Health

photo courtesy of Greenberg Health

Artificial injections used externally

The artificial HGH injections are the most widely used and the most common form of human growth hormone therapy. When you use these injections, they introduce artificial HGH straight into your bloodstream. Since this is not a natural way of increasing the growth level of your hormones, they are usually restricted. This clearly means that you can never walk into a medicine store and ask for such injections. You require showing a doctor’s prescription in order to get such injections. Your body will have a normal hormone cycle and hence there is pretty much risk of overdose. This is why experts recommend you to take frequent blood tests in order to check everything time to time.

Just as everything has its benefits and pitfalls, such injections are also not an exception; they too come with a lot of adverse impacts. The price of such injections is pretty high and there is much pain associated soon after taking such injections. The only good result of such injections is that the results come pretty quick.

Natural HGH Releasers

This is something that can have various benefits as natural boosters are pretty unique and they claim that they contain HGH. But the reality is that they don’t contain HGH in them. Rather they have components which are effective and secure in activating the pituitary gland and improve its regular production and secretion of HGH. Your hormone levels are increased naturally. Try organic versions of hormone supplements and do your research.

Oral human growth hormone

This particular type of HGH therapy is pretty ineffective. Human growth hormone is actually a complex kind of protein which would get broken down as soon as it enters the human stomach. The hormone won’t even get a chance to get absorbed into the blood. The digestive juices that are there within the human stomach have the ability to break down the human growth hormone down to its basic components. So, in a nutshell, oral tablets are nothing but a scam and if you make the mistake of purchasing such tablets, it will be nothing but wastage of your money.

You can visit Greenberg Health for more information on human growth hormones if you’re interested in injecting them in order to stay young.

Guest Author: Pankaj Deb

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