Published On: Fri, Nov 13th, 2020

Is Collagen Peptide Good For Bone Formation?

Human bones are strong, but they need essential nutrients to stay stronger and healthier. As you age, there are plenty of issues that can affect your bone health. With a series of research and study, scientists were able to find a correlation between collagen peptide and joint health. Yes, collagen peptides can support healthy bones, and many pieces of research back this finding. 

We all know collagen peptide as an essential amino acid that promotes natural collagen in your body. Using a peptide product is beneficial in many ways. For quality products from a leading provider, check here

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In this article, we are going to discuss bone health and how collage can support your bones. 

What Do You Mean By Bone Health?

Bones are an essential component of your body that gives it support and structure, helping in movement. They are made of soft and hard tissues, and it’s a matrix of a protein called collagen, along with other organic elements. In the whole, it is called osteoid, and you might witness bone health issues if any content in your bone drops. If this process is compromised in any manner, bone health will degrade. So, how collagen peptide comes into action?

Collagen Peptide Showed Impact on Bone Health

Research has found that collagen peptide in the form of supplements can improve bone formation and reduce its breaking, thereby giving dual impact. The global manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides, Rousselot, has sent out findings regarding Peptan collagen’s effects over bone metabolism. 

According to the review published in Nutrients journal, collagen peptides target, and alters the function of bone formation and cell remodeling. The journal further explains the benefits of bioactive peptides. These findings are supported at both the pre-clinical and clinical levels. As Osteoporosis is becoming a global issue, manufacturers are looking to develop products with collagen peptides. 

How The Human Study Supports The Findings?

To find relevance behind these findings, a human study design was formed. For this, ten volunteers took 25g of collagen peptides or hydrolyzed casein on fasting. After one hour of consumption, blood samples were collected to assess cell performance and create metabolite rich serum. The observations were put in line with the findings. The collagen peptide was proven to improve bone formation and lower osteoclast genesis that degrade the bone cells. 

What Can You Do To Support Your Bone Health?

Other than collagen peptide, what else can be done to improve your bone health. As collagen peptide supplements are still under process, you need to find other alternatives. 

  • Remain active as much as possible
  • Consume calcium in a large number
  • Get Vitamin D from the sun and supplements
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Bone health is extremely important for your general well-being. Thankfully, studies have found the relation between collagen peptides and bone formation. The above mentioned were some of the findings that prove peptides will help bone formation and improve bone health. Buy peptide supplements to improve your bone health and promotion of healthy tissues. 

Author: Himani Rathore

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