Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

Is Climate Change Affecting the Flower Industry?

Anyone who has paid attention to the news recently has likely seen articles focusing on climate change. In the eyes of many, this is the most pressing issue facing modern society in the 21stcentury. The impacts of climate change can be felt everywhere, ranging from increasing natural disasters to air quality and rising sea levels. It appears that climate change is even having an impact on the flower industry as a whole, including companies like Regionsflorist and Regiobloemist.

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Scientific research is now coming out which shows that climate change is starting to threaten the rates of flower pollination. Flower pollination is the underpinning of much of the flower industry in addition to food and crop production. In order for flowers to grow and reproduce, they depend on the efforts of creatures such as the honey bee. Bees transmit the reproductive material from one flower to that of another, helping flowers reproduce. This gives rise to the bright, vibrant flowers to which so many people have become accustomed.

It appears that climate change is impacting the timing at which these events occur. As the temperatures continue to rise, the orchid and bee both flower and fly at earlier times. Sadly, the rising temperatures appear to affect the population of bees to a greater extent. While bees are ready to fly earlier, flowers are not yet ready to reproduce. This mismatch is leading to issues when it comes to the growth and reproduction of flowers. This data has been tracked over an extended period of time and shows that pollinators are responding differently to climate change. This might have an impact on the flower industry in the future as well.

Because such a large proportion of the flower industry depends on proper pollination, this may lead to issues in the future. Problems related to flower fertilization, in addition to issues related to diseases and pesticides, might have an impact on the flower industry moving forward. Therefore, it is important for everyone to think about how they are going to respond to this growing threat. In addition to the flower industry, the food industry might be threatened as well, given that much of the world’s food supply is also dependent on flower pollination.

It remains to be seen what is going to be done to keep up with the growing threat of climate change. One thing that is certain is that it will be important to keep the honey bees alive. They play a critical role in both the flower and food industries moving forward. It is important for everyone who loves flowers to get them while they last. This is a beautiful world and it is important to protect it.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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