Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

Is Boxing Healthy?

There are so many workout programs available today that finding the right one to help you meet your fitness goals can be overwhelming.  Which program produces actual results? Are some programs just hype? Can certain programs be dangerous or make you more prone to injury?  Is a particular program actually targeting the specific areas and elements of your fitness that it claims it will? These are all questions to ask yourself when considering a new fitness regimen.  If you’re considering taking a boxing class, you may wonder if boxing is even considered healthy. The answer is clear, it definitely is. Members of a boxing gym in Wilmington, North Carolina agree that boxing classes promote health and wellness at the highest levels while being fun and challenging at the same time.  Want proof? Here are some reasons boxing is considered one of the healthiest workouts available.


  • Boxing is a total body workout.  It’s important to find a workout that gives you the most impact for the shortest amount of time.  Taking a boxing class at a boxing gym in Wilmington, North Carolina, for instance, will give you a complete, total body workout in about an hour.  Every muscle group gets some action. From biceps and triceps in the arms to shoulders, chest, and back, your upper body will get an incredible workout while throwing punches.  Your midsection will get a great workout as you twist and pivot your hips. Boxing classes also work your legs by using squats, lunges, and kicks to a target. There simply isn’t a muscle group that won’t be used in an hour long boxing class.


  • A boxing class isn’t dangerous.  Despite what preconceived notions you might have about boxing as a sport (e.g. broken noses, bloody ears, and the like) you won’t find any of these mishaps in a boxing class.  During a class, you’ll be delivering punches and kicks to a heavy bag, or even shadow boxing (delivering the aforementioned moves to an air target). Coaches like the ones at the boxing gym in Wilmington, North Carolina are trained to teach you basic boxing moves in a safe and friendly environment.  And you needn’t worry about injuring yourself either. Provided you follow instructions from your coaches, your chances of even a pulled muscle are very slim.  


  • Boxing classes improve brain health.  Boxing requires an extreme amount of hand-eye coordination and cross-body movement.  Both of these functions have been shown to sharpen reaction time, improve mental capacity, and even assist with reading more fluently.  After boxing for a period of time, you’ll likely find yourself more alert and sharper overall.


  • Boxing strengthens bones.  In order for bones to build density, they must be put under strain.  The strain causes the cells in the bone to build more bone material. The more strain, the more bone that is produced.  The impact of throwing punches and kicks to a heavy bag puts your bone under a great amount of resistance strain, which in turn activates those bone cells and causes them to build.  The result is stronger bones that are better protected from osteoporosis and other bone-related illnesses.  

Wondering whether or not a boxing class is healthy is a common consideration.  But rest assured, boxing gyms have solid foundations of knowledge of boxing as a sport and of fitness and overall health.  It’s in these boxing gyms that they combine the sport and their knowledge of fitness to produce boxing classes appropriate for every fitness need and goal.  Boxing is a healthy workout because it engages the entire muscular system, is completely safe, improves brain health, and creates strong bones. The benefits of a boxing class are numerous and worth your time and effort.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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