Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

iPad Rentals Prove Most Effective in Marketing and Branding Campaigns

Of all the tools used for marketing and branding campaigns, the iPad has emerged as one of the most potent tools. This is because its sleek and space-saving design makes it possible to be used on the go. And you don’t have to own it to promote your business; there are companies offering iPad rentals.   

iPad rentals for marketing and branding

iPad rentals are proving a great way of promoting products and services and are effectively being used for marketing and branding. Here’s how: 

photo/ William Iven via Pixabay

#1 Help gather information 

For a successful marketing campaign, gathering information about your potential customers assumes importance. Since iPads are easy to carry, you can easily take it to your target area. You can quickly and conveniently enter the relevant marketing data into the database as well. What’s more, you don’t have to rely on public WiFi and struggle to get a signal, if you have an internet or WiFi hotspot rental. This makes uploading data speedier, thereby saving time and effort.

#2 Most effective in marketing events

If you are showcasing your product or service at an exhibition or an event, iPads rentals prove indispensable in attracting a crowd. By establishing custom branded iPad kiosks, you can effectively display content in key areas. Not only do iPads look attractive installed in booths, but they are also easy to set up. Since iPads offer touch screen interfaces, they can be made engaging and interactive for visitors. Unlike a laptop or a PC, iPads can be securely installed for use by the public, without fear of theft or damage. 

#3 Offer gamification 

No extent of posters, handbills or brochures used in attracting crowds to your kiosk proves as useful as offering gamification on iPads. Since iPads are amazingly versatile, they prove perfect for engaging the public during your marketing event. Lending themselves to customization with apps and accessories, they prove most adapted to gaming possibilities. These can be loaded with gaming apps, such as Gamify, SCANVenger Hunt, and Go Game. 

#4 Spare long-term preparation for an event

If you opt for the traditional marketing of an event, you will need to go through a lengthy process. You need to get your promotional material designed, printed, and affixed or placed in your kiosk. However, with iPad rentals, you need to book them, like you do a flight or a hotel. Also, you have the choice of getting custom apps installed on them.

#5 Collect visitors’ data

iPads prove important tools for not only recording the footfalls of visitors visiting your kiosk but also in collecting their important information. This enables shortlisting of your potential customers, who can be contacted later. Also, iPads also allow you to record the feedback and experiences of visitors about your product or service, showcased in your kiosk. All this in a completely paperless way. 

#6 iPad jeopardy wall

An iPad jeopardy wall constitutes several iPad rentals fitted together like a wall. The wall is built by utilizing magnetic, snap-into-place iPads that are visible from a distance and are most effective in attracting crowds to your kiosk. You can use this wall for educating the public regarding your product or service, take questions and answer them or enable gamification to attract the crowds.


iPad rentals are more effective than other conventional methods of marketing and branding. What’s more, you have a wide choice in the availability of iPads. You can book the latest iPads, such as iPad Pro equipped with the latest iOS or opt for models with 4G access. You can even go in for the ones that can be paired with a WiFi Hotspot for multiple iPads. 

Author: Merin Mathew

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