Published On: Thu, Jun 26th, 2014

Intolerant atheists still fighting Ground Zero Cross, can’t enjoy ‘freedom to be offended’

America is great because you have the freedom to be offended. Homosexuals are executed in Muslim countries, the woman in Sudan has been re-arrested for marrying a Christian man, but here in America a cross-shaped beam found in the 9/11 rubble is offensive to atheists, says a group still fighting to keep the artifact out of the museum.

In fact, 13 Muslim countries consider atheism a crime which warrants death by beheading: Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

World Trade Center controversies continue as battle over unidentified remains a hot topic   photo by Ben Franske via wikimedia commons

World Trade Center controversies continue as battle over unidentified remains a hot topic
photo by Ben Franske via wikimedia commons

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum houses the 17-foot-tall  structure which has been nicknamed the Ground Zero Cross.  American Atheists have been suing and fighting to keep the cross out of the museum saying it’s offensive.

Jesus sculped in feces is art and two cross beams from the falled Twin Towers is offensive?

Attorney Eric Baxter said, “Courts should not allow people to sue just because they claim to get ‘dyspepsia’ over a historical artifact displayed in a museum. Taking personal offense is not an injury that warrants invoking the power of the courts to shut down everything you disagree with. The Constitution is not a personal tool for censoring everyone’s beliefs but your own.”

“The overwhelming impression of this cross is religious,” Edwin Kagin, the national legal director for American Atheists, told a New York federal appeals court.

“We are worried about the alienation being suffered by atheists. This cross screams Christianity, but there were perhaps 500 or 1,000 people who died in this tragedy who were not Christians.”

This is why the American Atheists and many other groups are facist frauds. Yes, I did say that.

At least the Freedom From Religion activists are honest about their intention. Here these atheists want us to believe there is an “alienation” of atheists?!?!

What America do they live in?

Atheism is being glorified and praised by the media, Hollywood and intellectual elistists at every turn.

The appeals court gave the plaintiffs until July 14 to supplement their claim with proof of how the cross is a “constitutional injury,” and “marginalizes them as American citizens.” They also need to show how the monument shows “particular and concrete injury” rather than “the abstract stigmatization of atheists generally.”

Dear American Atheists,

Taking offense to something is a dear and wonderful privilidge you have here in a free country. Stop trying to silence all religious presence in our society. Christians roll their eyes and move through life over your shenanigans, so why can’t you? Just because a museum has a religious artifact or symbol inside doesn’t dictate a national denomination of faith.

So let a pair of metal beams and concrete offend you, at least you are know in most Muslim countries where you’d lose your head for these comments.

BTW, 9/11 Foundation CEO Joe Daniels has said that the projects were self-funded.


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  1. Archibald Snatcher says:

    if your tax dollars are paying for something that excludes you, it would be freedom of speech? cool, let’s use christian tax dollars to make a gigantic muslim symbol.

  2. Robin Lionheart says:

    American Atheists’s legal complaint called for “an injunction against continued display of the cross in the September 11 Memorial and Museum until such time as equal space is granted to non-Christian Americans for similar memorials”.

    Why was this cross so offensive? Because marking this mass gravesite with only a cross, and no other sectarian displays, honored only the Christian dead. It dishonored the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and other non-Christian who died there by treating their loss as negligible.

    The Ground Zero museum should honor all the fallen, not just some.

    • Ray says:

      It’s not an actual cross – it’s two giant beams that “resemble” a cross and will be displayed alongside countless other pieces of debris. It hardly pronounces anything Christian about the entire museum and definitely doesn’t dishonor anyone.

      This lawsuit (and your remarks) are just part of the “Freedom From Religion” movement held by atheists which is so contradictory to the reason America even exists – shameful

      • Robin Lionheart says:

        They don’t sell replicas and lapel pins of it because it’s a random piece of debris. Don’t be disingenuous.

        And demanding equal space for Jews, Muslims, and others ain’t freedom *from* religion, that’s all freedom *of* religion. Shame back at you for having so little respect for our freedoms.

        • Ray says:

          I’m for equal space for other religions. The museum is and should continue to accept artifacts and contributions of all of those lost. I think thw lawsuit is exaclty what you sound opposed to: suppression of freedom. I didn’t say, nor do I feel the Cross is s “random piece of debris,” but that said – supporting it’s presence doesn’t mean I want to exclude others. The shame is on the FFR group which cannot turn a blind-eye to the existence of religion in the public space. They wouldn’t want the inclusion of Jewish symbols or a scroched Koran rescued from the rubble – they would want it all benign and whitewashed of any faith. That is where the shame should fall.

          • Robin Lionheart says:

            You seem to have a misconception that the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed this lawsuit. No, it was American Atheists.

            And on multiple occasions, the plaintiff publicly offered to provide a memorial for the nonreligious victims at its own cost, but no other religious or nonreligious groups were permitted a memorial in the taxpayer-funded museum.

            There is no objection to the existence of religion, what groups like American Atheists and the FFRF object to is religious favoritism by our government, which is a betrayal of the values our nation was founded upon.

  3. Appeals court rules that Ground Zero cross can stay at 9/11 Museum - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] exposed for what it was — a skewed legal challenge that had no merit.”   American Atheists filed a federal suit in 2012 claiming the 17-foot display at the museum built with a mix of public and private funds was […]

  4. Juan says:

    Are you serious? I agree that it’s stupid to sue over this ridiculous cross but what America do YOU live in? Haven’t you seen how Christians are constantly whining over how they are persecuted, how evil atheist are raging a war on Christmas and all their sacred rubbish, when they are the vast majority in the country and have dominated it since its creation? Have you not seen how radical Christians are trying to push biblical scripture into science classrooms? And finally, have you ever watched fox news? Please, think a little before publishing garbage.

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