Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

International Music Education News: NAfME Welcomes India into the Association

In recent news, the National Association for Music Education has welcomed a new member to the organization. The newest member is the newly formed Federated Music Education Association that serves India. NAfME, although based in the United States, has global members of which India is the newest. The association seeks to offer benefits to members, which includes such things as the open sharing of music education information, and offers professional development among educators. Any graduate of an online MME degree program or music educator is invited to join. Students from major universities around the nation, such as graduates of Kent State University, are welcomed into the assembly of music scholars seeking to promote an awareness of the benefits of music education.

What Is NAfME?

Actually, NAfME, the National Association for Music Education, is the largest association for the arts in the entire world. It has a long history going back more than 110 years and, as mentioned above, includes members from countries around the globe. One of the most impressive aspects of the association is the fact that they have a Music Educators Hall of Fame, which perhaps will inspire budding music education students to excel in their field. Although honorees only date back to 1986, as a ‘new’ feature of the Association, the long list of music educators is quite impressive. So in a nutshell, NAfME is organized to promote music education in our schools.

Sir Gilbert Levine conducts the concert “Peace Through Music ‘In Our Age’”
at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., on May 5, 2014
Photo credit: Georgetown University

What It Means to Admit India to NAfME

One of the goals of the National Association for Music Education is to enrich the lives of students through music education. This means in all schools, from elementary all the way up through the grades. By admitting the newly formed Indian federation, a greater emphasis is placed on cross-cultural sharing of musical and educational styles. Music education is about more than teaching an appreciation of music and music skills. Rather, music education enhances all aspects of learning and many students have learned otherwise ‘difficult to learn’ skills through music therapy. Using the right brain, some young students are taught speech and other skills reliant on right brain activity. It is really quite interesting to share with other cultures inroads they have made in music education, and in the simple act of comparing notes, no pun intended, there is a greater global awareness of the benefits of music education.

Whether a student is seeking an online masters in music or an online music education degree, the benefits of music in our society go far beyond listening. Music enhances our emotional and cognitive senses and enables the listener to live a more holistic life.  As a cross-cultural relationship develops, students can benefit from other cultures and music educators can learn enhanced methodology from their global peers. In keeping with the National Association for Music Education bylaws, the association welcomes the newest international member and looks forward to many years of cooperative endeavors. Anyone interested in joining NAfME can visit their website for further information on requirements and the registration process.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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