Published On: Mon, Aug 8th, 2016

Instagram Copies Snapchat: Introduces ‘Stories’ for Spontaneous Posts

Instagram has been making a lot of changes to its interface and the newest rollout involves something right out of Snapchat’s desk. A featured named ‘Stories’ has been included in the current update but Instagram seems to have copied the same— directly from Snapchat, without making any modifications.

Coming back to this feature, Stories allows us to post a chain of ephemeral instances over the platform which has now transformed into a full-fledged social network— offering a lot more than just simple photo sharing. Moreover, Stories won’t be an integral part of the feed and would be lasting for only a day. This time-bound approach will surely enhance Instagram’s popularity, allowing users to share myriad photographic moments. Stories over Instagram are strictly personal and wouldn’t be showing up over the visible feed or the profile grid.

This recently added feature is excruciatingly similar to what Snapchat offers, allowing users to include annotations, filters and overlays with their posts. Moreover, the selected posts can be scribbled upon with scenic representations– making them shareable with selected friends.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

According to Instagram, a user can only see Stories from the followed individuals— including celebrities and even friends. Moreover, these stories will be sitting right above the feed with the screen reminiscent of the one used to send over Direct Messages. A user with a new Story can be detected easily as Instagram comes with the concept of ‘colorful ring’— placed over the display picture.

Stories, as said, will be private and cannot be responded to unless he Direct message is being sent. Moreover, this attribute comes without the option of liking or commenting the same.

Over the past few weeks, Instagram has tried to evolve into something bigger than a simplistic photo sharing console. However, unlike a random mobile app development company, Instagram has been more concise in its approach apart from being highly imaginative. The recent algorithmic changes have been implemented perfectly and the new design has also been a hit with the users. That said, even with Instagram looking to up the user-engagement levels— it has shied away from accepting resemblance with Snapchat, on the whole.

According to Instagram, Stories takes out the concept of over-posting as the user can share multitudes of content— throughout the day. Moreover, the ephemerals will be automatically deleted after a period of 24 hours.

Facebook, the company which owns Instagram has been constantly rivalling Snapchat’s popularity but the puzzling ephemeral format surpassed all the efforts— until recently. Facebook has actually gauged the popularity of Instagram with most of the existing Snapchat users and added the concept of ‘Stories’ to the former.

While posting content over Instagram Stories will be easier and people won’t bother about the lasting nature of feeds, it will surely be hard to oust Snapchat from the race— this early. Instagram will need to put in efforts to convince people for sharing spontaneous content over the platform as Snapchat loyalists might not upload the same content, twice. The photo sharing platform, therefore, needs to provide something extra to the users— other than the basic concept of ‘Stories’.

Amidst the changes, Instagram has also been facing criticism from people who considered using the same— only for high-quality photos. It all started with the algorithmic change which received a lot of negativity and Instagram was then accused of concentrating more on social momentum. The haters will be more active now with the ‘Stories’ added to the hierarchy.

It seems Instagram is moving towards being a traditional social network instead of the near-perfect photo sharing platform of the past— against the preferences of many users.

Author: Richard Smith


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