Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016

Infusionsoft Vs Ontraport: Which one is Better?

The transformative fingers of technology have utterly and entirely changed the business world, and have had a positive impact overall. It has never been cheaper to start a company than it is now. A quintessential example of the technological change that has become a game-changer in the business world is the fast-growing field of Marketing Automation.

For the uninitiated, marketing automation is a category of technology that offers companies the ability to measure, streamline, and automate marketing tasks and workflows. Over the last few years, the use of marketing automation has skyrocketed, which is no surprise as it helps increase operational efficiency and revenue. The growing demand for marketing automation software has lead to new marketing providers popping up left, right, and center. Even though this is great for innovation, it also makes choosing the best automation software a challenging and perplexing affair. If you are at the end of your wits end on which marketing automation systems to choose, this article provides you with two most highly rated systems: Infusionsoft and Ontraport.

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What are the Infusionsoft and Ontraport Systems?

Infusionsoft and Ontraport are two of the most popular marketing automation platforms. Their functionality, though it differs, is second to none. Infusionsoft and Ontraport combine the power of CRM, affiliate tracking, e-Commerce, and sophisticated automation to offer business an all-in-one solution for marketing. However, both of these products are great in their own ways. They have their own distinct pros and cons. For example, whereas Ontraport is more intuitive, Infusion is better equipped for heavy duty marketing operations. Weighing these pros and cons is the only way that you will decide which one is the best marketing automation system for your needs.

Quick Overview of Ontraport

Even though Ontraport is a bit of an underdog in the marketing automation space, it still packs some pretty impressive advantages. It was formerly known as Office Autopilot and is excellent for small businesses on a budget. Ontraport is an ideal choice for such industries because it offers lots of goodies that you can get without purchasing 3rd party tools. Ontraport is user-friendly especially if you are not a geek, and all you want is an all-in-one system that is easier to use.

Quick Overview of the Infusionsoft System

Infusionsoft is one of the most popular marketing automation systems, which is palpably evident thanks to its massive user community. As a result, if you have any queries about the system, or you simply want to learn more about it, you can find all the information you need on the various online Infusionsoft forums. Infusion is an ideal choice for a ‘classic’ small business that has a small number of employees. If your business involves selling services or products that have a ‘complex’ sales process e.g. follow-ups and multiple conversion, then Infusionsoft is going to be the best choice for you. Infusionsoft offers you access to a vast ecosystem of 3rd party apps and consultants to help you build streamlined and effective automated marketing.

Pros and Cons of Ontraport System



Ontraport is a breeze to figure out. The brains behind it knew the value of coming up with a user-friendly marketing automation tool. Learning and using Ontraport is a walk in the park. Compared to other marketing automation tools, setting up it up is downright easy, and thanks to this user-friendliness, it is faster to get things done with Ontraport than Infusionsoft.


Ontraport comes with Ontrapages Webpage Builder, which lets you create mobile responsive forms and landing pages. Even though they are similar to LeadPages, they are simpler to use and actually more flexible.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Ontraport does a better job than Infusionsft because they are smaller and leaner, but their hours are also limited. Their customer service representatives are highly trained in the various uses of their product and are proud to walk you through them.


Poor Design

The Ontraport interface is somewhat unappealing, but this uncomplicated design makes it easier to learn.

Few Reliable 3rd Party Apps

Unlike Infusionsoft, Ontraport has very few reliable 3rd party apps. This is a blow to its functionality because 3rd party apps help in enhancing functionality.

Pros and Cons of Infusionsoft system


Great Design

Infusionsoft comes with a stunning design. It is, however, more complicated than Ontraport’s. Though it takes time to learn how to use Infusionsoft, its great design makes the whole process of going through the learning curve fun.

Excellent Functionality

Infusionsoft comes with impressive automation of sequences, campaigns, upsells and tagging of people based on their actions.

3rd Party Apps

Infusionsoft gives users access to a huge marketplace of 3rd party apps, dozens of free campaigns, and certified consultants. All this contributes to bolstering and enhancing its functionality.


Steep Learning Curve

Compared to Ontraport, Infusionsoft has a rather steep learning curve. You must be willing to learn in order to know how the whole system works.


As you continue to add complexity to Infusionsoft, you will note that things tend to slow down, and even the email delivery can be spotty at times.


Before making your final decision on what to choose between Ontraport and Infusionsoft, we recommend visiting each company’s website, trying their demos, and talking to a rep at each company. This will give you a feel for what they can offer and will ultimately help you to make the most informed decision possible.

Guest Author: Rose Smith

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