Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2020

Information security during pandemic: best ways to protect your business and your staff

These days we are facing a growing number of articles about information security. This is no surprise since, as history shows, computer burglars and hackers are always increasingly active during hardships and times of crisis.

Unfortunately, not all businesses were able to establish new workflows that mitigate staff from working from the office environment. This inevitably caused many problems referring to corporate IT assets. Lots of employees had to work from their personal laptops, which created difficulties in the tracking of malicious files and other harmful content in torrents. Despite the removal of COVID restrictions and returning back to the office spaces, the issue of corporate information security remains highly important.

Many hackers take advantage of the fact that not all users know how to protect their personal computers properly. If an employee’s computer is connected to the corporate network via VPN, it can easily be used as an access point to all the valuable information of the company. The number of network attacks is constantly increasing. Being able to control and coordinate data flows in the context of home-based environment becomes a challenging priority.

Rustam Gilfanov

Nevertheless, there are 5 proven methods suggested by Rustam Gilfanov, which can help you effectively protect your corporate information. They are as follows:

  1. Improve employee computer literacy skills              

This can be done through a special online course or using a weekly newsletter. Explain main rules and practices for better PC security, inform employees about phishing problems illustrating them by the most relevant and clear examples – such as ignoring and deleting emails sent from suspicious addresses. But make sure to start security training from yourself!

  1. Organize phishing training

A theory should be followed by practice. Check how employees follow security recommendations and if they keep on making mistakes. You must agree that getting caught in a test attack is not as dreadful as in reality: it gives you a chance to retrain and move on further.

  1. Check out your information security tools

These tools include access control and data security systems designed for remote operation without compromising security, SIEM system that responds to abnormal changes, NTA solution for monitoring the corporate network and detecting malicious traffic, and  DLP system that prevents leakage of the company confidential information.

  1. Do not skimp on information security

If you don’t want your company to be gifted to hackers, do everything you can to protect it properly. A single error made by your worker may cost you a fortune, so you’ll be better of covering all the bases.

  1. Test again and again

And the last but not the least security measure is to order pen-testing. Pen-test or Penetration Testing is a method of evaluating the security of web apps, computer systems, and networks to secure them from malicious activity and unauthorized access. Pentesting, or “legal hacking”, which is usually undertaken by special IT companies, will help you find all your weak points and give you new insight into your network infrastructure.

Brief biographical background of Mr. R. Gilfanov

Rustam Gilfanov is a founding partner of a multinational IT-company, IT-entrepreneur, and universal investor.

  • was born in Basim of Perm district in 1983 to a teacher and a military man;
  • 2006 – acted as a co-founder of international outsourcing IT enterprise in Kiev that quickly became a massive developer of finance, marketing, and  gaming software

A short while ago Mr. Gilfanov shifted his focus to the inter-country investing into auspicious IT-schemes such as video streaming, financial technology, and gaming. One of Rustam Gilfanov priorities is being engaged in charitable projects in Ukraine such as “Lakibux ” and”Biblioteka Maybutnogo” – the largest of his undertakings.

Author: Trycia Marks

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