Published On: Fri, Jun 27th, 2014

Indiana judge strikes down gay marriage ban as ‘unconstitutional’

Indiana becmae the latest state to see a judge overturn a vote by the people not to recognize same-sex marriages. The U.S. District Judge Richard Young ruled Wednesday that Indiana’s law banning homosexual marriage is unconstitutional.
The federal judge claims marriage between one man and one woman violates the 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution.
Life-with-Archie-16-gay-marriage“The court has never witnessed a phenomenon throughout the federal court system as is presented with this issue,” Young wrote in his decision. “In less than a year, every federal district court to consider the issue has reached the same conclusion in thoughtful and thorough opinions – laws prohibiting the celebration and recognition of same-sex marriages are unconstitutional.”
Gay couples were ready to act after the ruling as Marion County has already received 50 applications and has conducted 31 civil ceremonies since the decision, accoring to Fox 59.
Lambda Legal, who defended five of the plaintiffs, applauded the decision.

“Indiana now joins the momentum for nationwide marriage equality and Hoosiers can now proclaim they are on the right side of history,” they said in a statement.

“This is what we warned state legislators and Hoosiers to expect,” said Micah Clark, director of the American Family Association of Indiana.  “The advocates of same-sex marriage have been trying to use activist judges, willing to legislate from the bench, to force a new public policy on marriage upon all of Indiana.  At this point in time, they have succeeded.”
Clark maintains that regardless of what a judge might rule, marriage is about uniting men and women together for the best interests of children and society.  
“Men and women are uniquely and individually important.  They are not interchangeable or discardable.  Whatever two men may be, they are not a mom and a dad.”
Clark predicts the case will make its way to the Supreme Court where the judges will determine if the will of the people and the role of their elected representatives matter.
Indiana Catholic bishops issued a statement affirming their stance on same-sex marriage.”The Church upholds the dignity of every human person, including persons with same-sex attraction, who ‘must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,'” the statement read.

“At the same time, the Church upholds the dignity and sanctity of marriage, a natural institution established by God. By its very nature, marriage is a permanent partnership between one man and one woman ordered to the good of the couple and the procreation and education of children.”

Each of the 31 states that had gay marriage bans have had their bans challenged in court.

The Associated Press reports the Indiana attorney general’s office said it would appeal the ruling.
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