Published On: Mon, Jul 27th, 2020

Increase Your Security on Public Internet Connections

Scrolling through the internet is not an issue while doing it in the comfort of your own home. It’s secure and easy to connect, as you probably already know. But when you go to public places and access the network, it might be a whole different story. When going out at the restaurants, cafes, and malls, most of the times you use the WIFI. We all do, but are you aware of the possibility of being watched while you do certain online activities? Navigating through the internet isn’t quite simple or safe as it looks. 

A public internet connection is less secure than your internet at home. You’ll never know who might be connected with you. It would be ideal if you’ve never get connected, but there are times when you really need WIFI, but along with it comes the possible damage from public networks. Let’s see what can you do to increase your security on public internet connections

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Use a VPN

First things first, what is a VPN? A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which allows you to create a connection to another network through the internet. In simple terms, a VPN gives you privacy online. VPNs were used by big companies, such as governments or organizations that needed to secure their data. When you use a VPN to connect to your company’s network, it basically looks to the rest of the internet like you’re working right from where you are (bars, airport, hotel rooms). You can easily and securely access files and devices by using a VPN, and keep your identity safe too. People use VPNs to secure their browsing activity because they’re concerned about hackers trying to steal their information.  

The essential thing about VPNs

Why should you use a VPN? Because it can allow you to change your location. Let’s say you live in Norway, and you want to access certain websites from America, but are restricted in your country. If you want to securely access streaming services, such as Netflix, or other websites that are not available in your country, using VPNs for Norway can easily change your location. 

The information sent to your VPN will trick those websites into thinking that the signal comes from America. So, in case you want to use a public network where others are connected too, remember that they might have access to your personal information. A VPN will ensure your that your most important documents, emails, and bank accounts are well-secured. 

How to choose the right VPN

Choosing the right VPN might be difficult, yet the first thing you need to consider is the speed. A lot of people are looking to increase their internet speed, but don’t know yet that VPNs can be the answer. VPNs offer different types of security settings and configuration that provide faster speed, downloading, streaming, etc. It will give users a better experience. Also, make sure that you choose the reliable ones from secure websites. Check the privacy policy and see if they collect useful information, such as email, payment method, home address, or other personal information. Do your research before choosing your VPN.

Author: Stephen Marshall

Cyber threats still rampant amidst the COVID-19 epidemic

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