Published On: Tue, Jul 17th, 2018

In Countries Plagued by Violence Bulletproof Cars Become All The Rage

Rising levels of violent crime, terrorist attacks, gun violence and assaults around the world, and especially in South and Central America, have made the issue of personal safety and protection while on the road a key concern for world leaders, business people, diplomats and government officials, celebrities and the affluent.  

This increase in deadly violence has triggered a major boom in the car armoring business which helps protect passengers from gun violence and assaults. In Mexico, where drug-related violence has been at an all time high, 2017 ranked as the most deadly year in terms of murders. The country’s murder rate reached almost 20 deaths per 100,000 residents. There were more than 25,000 murders last year and the numbers are only looking to be higher for 2018.

Violent crime in Brazil has long plagued the country and even surpasses the deadly violence in Mexico. Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela, among other places, are hotbeds of lethal crime too.

In all these locations the car armoring industry has increased notably, reflecting the staggering statistics of homicides. In Mexico, there was a 10 percent rise bringing the number of bulletproof cars on the road to 3,284.

That figure still pales in comparison to Brazil where in 2017 there were a reported 15,145 armored cars transporting nervous passengers. Brazil expects to see a 25 percent increase this year in that number.

About 80 percent of the people using bulletproof cars are in the private sector including business people, executives and the affluent and their families. The other 20 percent is constituted of diplomats, government officials and the like.

The protection and peace of mind that a bulletproof car provides is a luxury that not everyone can afford, especially people residing in poorer countries where violence is raging and the risk is high.

While the risk of being a victim of violent crime is significantly less in North America and Western Europe, customers in those areas are still expected to account for more than half of the total market share for armored vehicles. The reason is simply that private individuals and companies there have more funds available to spend on bulletproofing their vehicles.

Vulnerable individuals do not only rely on bullet proofing vehicles, however. As kidnappings are a primary concern and threat, people who use armored vehicles also tend to change their vehicles frequently to avoid identification.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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