Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

Improving Life and Business Through Minimalism And Waste Management

There are a few different ways to approach improving your life on a macro level. The first is by adding things and/or doing more. The second is be either removing excess or learning to manage your wasted energy and resources. Some combination of both of those things is your best middle ground bet, but it’s at least easier to simply get rid of things to make life immediately better.

And to help you with the ideological reasoning behind that concept, think about circular resource reasoning, the ways you can minimize, the connection between minimalism and meditation, how the future fits in your plans, and where risk assessment fits in the picture.

Circular Reasoning

The idea behind circular economy or reasoning is that the output of one process is the input of another. On a personal level, think of it as something like having a box be the waste product of getting something in the mail, but then using that box as storage for something else. What was waste, is now something useful that you don’t have to buy! And you can use that sort of circular resource reasoning in nearly every aspect of your life.

photo/Infrogmation of New Orleans via wikimedia commons

How To Minimize

Following up on this idea, you can also improve your life just by getting rid of stuff. One gigantic purge may cause you anxiety at first, but when all your junk is gone, you’ll feel a tremendous relief. After that first purge, you want to make sure you stick with your minimalist approach, and then you won’t return to the wasteful ways of living that you had before.

Connection To Meditation

A cluttered physical existence leads to a cluttered mind, and that’s another reason you should approach minimalism as a practical result. With less stuff comes more clarity. And if you choose to meditate about the nature of life and existence, you’ll find this is much easier once you’ve gotten a better overall handle on your resource management. Peaceful people will often have the fewest things!

Thinking About the Future

When you think about the future, both on personal levels and professional ones, do you see it cluttered with a lot of stuff, or do you see clean edges and clear definitions? Move toward that goal by getting rid of everything that you don’t absolutely love, be it in your home life or your professional existence.

Risk Assessment Potential

And finally, the more stuff you have, the greater risk you take of either losing it (and thus losing the value of it), or being owned by it. So as you move about the day in your life as your current live it, take some moments to consider whether the things you have increase this risk of anxiety and loss, or if they mitigate it.

Author: Anna Johansson

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photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

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