Published On: Sat, Jan 13th, 2018

Important Features of High Security Door Locking Systems

Door locks are typically meant to keep trespassers and intruders away. In places such as prisons, they are essential for keeping people in. Regardless of what the purpose of door locks may be, there are a number of features that are necessary for securing a door lock. If you seek to upgrade your home’s security by replacing locks, there are some key things that you should consider when looking at potential replacements.

Stop thinking of old rusty locks and check out new security measures Universal Studios Orlando 2012 photo/Brandon Jones


There are different types of locks. Deadbolts and spring-blots are among the common options. Spring-bolts work by using compressed coils to hold the pins in place. The door is unlocked when you ease the pressure on the coil.

Quality spring-bolts should be accompanied by metal replacement plates. This will make it much more difficult to use a blunt object to knock off the knob. Deadbolts are regarded as more secure because they lock directly into a door frame. The risk of prying can be mitigated with vertical bolt designs instead of the conventional horizontal bolt.


Depending on what is being secured, you can consider different unlocking options. Conventional key systems work well in many situations but may not be ideal for all. Timed and remote unlocking systems are suitable for some doors. You can open and unlock garage doors manually but it is usually easier to use a type of remote system.

You can also consider combination systems for spaces that are shared such as storage areas. Neighbors, for example, can use a combination that is less of an inconvenience than exchanging and copying keys. Click here for The Linebacker Home Security Bar.


If you need a secure and complex locking system, it is advisable to hire professionals to carry out the installation. Many people prefer to have their installations done by experts to avoid the risks of not doing it in the right way. Whether you want to secure an office, replace a padlock or change a door combination, consulting professionals and finding out about the options available is essential for enhancing your security.

Reducing Costs

High security locks are virtually impossible to pick or compromise. They should be hard to force open and this can prevent your home or business from dealing with the financially crippling costs of theft. Investing in the right types of locks from reputable companies who provide key cutting online reduces the need to regularly replace locks.

Custom Lock Systems

If you have certain requirements regarding your door locking system, you can take advantage of the secure door locks that are currently available in the market. Customizable systems can be designed according to your needs. You can secure numerous locations and customize every system to fulfill the demands of your residential or working environment.

Resetting Locks

High security systems help you deal with the challenge of replacing locks. With options like resetting locks, you can securely reset your locks when keys are stolen or lost. This is vital for ensuring that safety is guaranteed within your premises at all times.

Ensuring Security

All the features of a door lock system are designed to work together to make sure your premises are secure. Along with the physical features, people are encouraged to promote security and ensure the effectiveness of their door lock systems.

Author: Charlie Brown

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