Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

Importance Workforce Management Applications in Optimizing Productivity Within a Company

Workforce management is a process in which an organization tries to optimize performance and productivity of the employees. It also checks on the labor requirements of certain positions on a daily and hourly basis. For it to be successful, one needs to be able to know the skills and capabilities of employees and match them to specific positions within the company.

Importance of Workforce Management

Workforce management prevents overstaffing or understaffing in all departments within the company and increase profitability and productivity. Proper scheduling is essential for any company to maintain optimum efficiency. Workforce management requires proper planning, scheduling, mobilizing, time and attendance monitoring, and supervising of employees.

The human resources department of a company handles workforce management. They normally use workforce management applications offered by companies, such as Resonance Software Inc., to facilitate the process.

Workforce Management Applications

A workforce management application is software companies use to manage staff scheduling. Contact centers and companies with a large number of employees initially used the term. It aims to check the number of employees needed for specific periods of time. Workforce management applications have five primary functions:

  1.       Scheduling – these applications can facilitate the management of employee skills and requirements of the company. It also ensures the suitable number of employees is present for specific periods of time.
  2.       Management of tasks and activities – the application can provide information on the management of labor to facilitate decision-making for different activities within the company.
  3.       Attendance – these applications can check attendance of employees based on the requirements of the company. It also checks paid-time off and absences of employees.
  4.       Management of leaves – the application can handle requests of paid time-off and its effect on staffing.
  5.       Collection of time and work information – these applications can record detailed information on the proper use of labor to maintain the profitability of the company.

Importance of Workforce Management Applications

Workforce management applications facilitate proper staffing within the company for specific periods of time. It essentially reduces operating costs of the company while enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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Benefits of Workforce Management Applications

Workforce management applications eliminate human errors when planning for staff requirements. Human errors lead to a reduction in efficiency and increase in operating costs. Using applications to manage the workforce addresses needs of the company for a specific period of time without any bias and confusion.

Workforce management applications also increase the satisfaction level among employees. The application automatically processes requests for paid-time off. It also checks and deals with absences among employees.

Using a workforce management application enhances security through the use of biometric information collection devices. It prevents employees from clocking in for their colleagues. The application can also facilitate scheduling within the company. It can automatically create a work schedule for the week using information gathered on upcoming leaves and absences of employees.


Workforce management applications allow companies to maximize profitability while making sure employees remain productive. The application also uses information it collects to enhance engagement between the employees and management as well as reduce attrition. With the advancements in technology, workforce management applications are more relevant to businesses in order to maintain optimum performance and efficiency among its employees.

Author: Lolita Di

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