Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2020

Importance of Unique Content in SEO

If you are thinking of publishing a plagiarized or unique content, then maybe you should think again. The purpose of today’s article is to tell you about the importance of unique content in search engine optimization in detail. Mostly when people start new websites or set their foot in the content business, they really don’t care about the quality of content because of some misconceptions and practices of the past. So brace yourself for today’s exciting and useful content that will make your web journey easy, and it will help you flourish in your online business if you understand the main idea of the article!

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How Does Plagiarized Content Affect Search Engine Optimization!

First of all, you must learn this concept by heard and tattoo it on your mind that Google and every other search engine in the world rank your website on the basis of the content that you publish on it! You must make sure that you are publishing unique content or else you won’t get any business on your websites.

Now let us have a look of the reasons of this mantra of the search engines. The search engines actually don’t care about what’s your website is up to and what type of information you are providing to customers but what it really cares about it is to increase its business and acceptance around the world. The more the solutions will be on the search engine, the more will it get accepted in the eyes of the people? Now if you haven’t noticed it then think again by putting yourself in a position where you search for a query on a certain search engine!

Now you will simply type the query and hit enter to get results. The search engine will give you the topmost ranked sites on the top and will give you a complete list of search results but what you really have to see is that if you don’t get the required or desired solution after looking for the top three to five search results you simply shift to the other search engines. Now the search engine tracks your activity, and on the basis of this, it removes or discards the sites which are not providing sensible business to the search engine.

Now, this was the scenario that shows that the top results did not have any desired solution, but there is yet another important problem which occurs in the same scenario. What if the top four to five or the top two sites are having completely the same content? You will simply not read the second one and abandon the site and the search engine. Now when this happens, the search engine automatically rejects your website and suspends its content from its listing!

Why Do Search Engines Rank On the Basis of Unique Content?

First of all, we would like to tell you that writing unique content is easy and submitting it after using plagiarism checker tool is very much appreciated as it kills the risk of rejection and moreover the plagiarism checker gives you a proof of the originality of content. You can find the best website plagiarism checkers online these days. If you want to know how does plagiarism software work, then the top list includes Grammarly, DupliChecker, small SEO tools, copy-scape, search engine reports and copy leaks.

Now we would like you to read this section before you rush towards the plagiarism checkers for checking the originality of your website content. The search engine can’t really cater two sites with the same content. This is not because they work on the basis of favoritism, but this is because of the reason that it doesn’t have the algorithms to support two same contents on two different addresses. You must think of this yourself if you want to reach a certain point and there are two or more than two different ways to reach that content then which way will you decide and does it means that the way or route that you will decide would be better than the rest of them? So this is the same case with the search engines!

When there is the same content, the search engine really does not care to confuse itself with the stupidity of deciding what to present on top to the user rather it discards and suspends the website having duplicate content. Sometimes it can discard both of the websites without even warning them. So it is important to write unique content!

Author: Ahmed Java


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