Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2018

Immediate things to do if your partner is facing infertility

It could be an emotional breakout for both the couple when you realise that your first step towards your parenthood has been put on a pause because of your infertility issues. This is very much a psychological problem rather than a body problem. Because of the technologies out there, it is very much possible for couples to have a baby by overcoming the infertility problem. The most important thing to understand is, infertility can happen to both male and female. It is very natural things and there is no reason to be embarrassed of. Infertility is never the end of the road but it is just a speed breaker which slows things down.

Human embryo, 8 cells on day 3 photo: ekem, Courtesy: RWJMS IVF Program via wikimedia commons

Visiting an ivf center in pune could be a wise choice rather than googling for the symptoms. Infertility is never a disease and hence it has no symptoms. Infertility is just a condition which can and sometimes cannot be reversed (this purely depends on the fertility health of a person). Male infertility is associated with the sperm attributes. By attributes we mean the sperm length, sperm motility and sperm strength. In female it is associated with her fallopian tube blockage, PCOD, cyst and other complication associated with uterus. Female infertility is more complicated than male infertility.

When you find out that it is taking too long for pregnancy or that you are not conceiving for unknown reasons, it is best to visit an infertility doctor in gurgaon or any other city you belong to. Because if you are spending too much of time in deciding, it can actually lead to more complication. And waiting is very bad thing as far as infertility is considered. We all are bound by fertility health which is different for each person and hence you need to understand your fertility health before you can start weighting. There is another important term we need to know. It is fertility quotient. Imaging this as a bottle of juice. Everything has a expiry date so does this. Our fertility quotient is a score given to your fertility health based on the sperm quality of male and uterus health for female.

Hence concluding this by saying that the first thing you need to do when you find that your partner is infertile is that you provide him or her the emotional support and balance that they need. Most of the times it is heart breaking to the person who is infertility and hence he/she needs this support. Secondly, make them understand that infertility is very common and they need not worry as they are not of treatment out there to reverse the condition and if not will surely help in conception.

Author: Sneha

Sneha is a fitness enthusiast, a marketing analyst at CloudNine Hospitals.She likes to blog about lifestyle,health, food.
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