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Igor Mazepa: Sectarian, Earning at any Cost

Igor Mazepa is well known to the Internet community as a speculator who made money on a banal resale of shares. However, there is very little information in the network about the peculiarities of his religious beliefs, his attitude towards the family and his ideological foundations. And they are extremely interesting.

Igor Mazepa

Church of Scientology and the Doctrine of Ontopsychology: What is it?

A lot of interesting things have already been written about the personality of the odious businessman and investment banker Igor Mazepa. He is not one of those who preach something if he does not see any reason to earn on it. It is not a secret for us that at the dawn of his activity Igor Mazepa was a supporter of several very slippery studies. This is the Church of Scientology and ontopsychology, which are excellent tools to “earn”.

Despite the fact that the Church of Scientology is closely connected with such star names as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, this religion does not have a positive message. The church itself was founded by Ron Hubbard in 1954 in Los Angeles. In many countries it is banned. It is referred to extremist organizations, but more often to sects. One of the secret objects of the church is in the Nevada desert. According to rumors, all doctrines, literature are stored here, and the object is guarded no worse than the Pentagon building. The repository is tightly hidden in the bowels of the earth and it is impossible to get there.

Annually, the headlines of articles in different countries scream about the negative impact of the Church of Scientology on the minds of the population. However, everything is very beautiful in Scientology “on paper”. Scientologists do not address to the body, but to the spirit of a man. The adepts of the church are sure that man is not just a product of the environment. He is something higher.

Fundamental principles of Scientology are simple: human experience extends over a longer period than a person can remember, a person’s abilities are unlimited, the person’s spiritual survival depends solely on himself, he is one with the universe. Scientologists do not persuade to believe them. On the contrary, Scientology welcomes the verification of all its dogmas in practice.

It looks very appealing at the first glance. However, the truth is that the church takes a considerable percentage of the income of its followers. And if you do not pay, you can fall out of the window accidentally. Suicides sometimes happen …

The books of Ron Hubbard can be found without problems on the central streets of Kiev, where the adepts of the sect eagerly distribute them.

It would seem that this is just one more sect and nothing more. In Ukraine now there are a lot of them, but none of the sects will exist without serious injections and … names.

But the doctrine of ontopsychology is a slightly different hypostasis. The term literally means – “the science about being and psyche”. This science was created by the Italian scientist Antonio Maneghetti. It does not represent frankly negative phenomena. Its teaching is based on the study of the subconscious of a person and his self-determination. Only here the interpretation of science is naturally different. Some people put this teaching above everything else in the world -above the family, other people, their feelings and emotions.

Ontopsychology and Scientology do not focus on simple suckers. For them, the quality of the follower is important. It’s one thing to pick up a locksmith Vasya Pupkin with an income of three thousand hryvnias and quite another – an oligarch who longs to become even richer.

The rich adepts are the most powerful nucleus of these dangerous teachings. But aggressive beliefs destroy a person from within. Indeed, a person can become richer. If this coincides with the “pumping” in such a church, then this can lead to the failure of all “brakes”. However, this success, as a rule, is short-lived.

Scientologist Igor Mazepa

One of the followers of the Church of Scientology was the investment banker Igor Mazepa. Already at the dawn of his activity, he was fond of the teachings of Ron Hubbard. In the sect Igor Mazepa was dragged by his business partner John Saggit, who had long been an orthodox Scientologist. It was with him that Igor Mazepa created his “giant” of the Ukrainian stock market – “Concorde Capital”.

By itself, Igor Mazepa is not one of those people who are immersing yourself into sects and traveling around the country with sermons. Of course, he used the church to acquire new connections and earn money.

John Saggit just became one of these acquired ties. However, over time, Igor Mazepa broke up with him and lost interest in Scientologists.

Meanwhile, Igor Mazepa becomes seriously interested in ontopsychology. The dawn of the Church of Scientology, the followers of ontopsychology and a number of other charismatic sect churches that have compromised themselves (the same Embassy of God Sandey Adelaja) coincided with the events of the first Ukrainian Maidan, the Orange Revolution. It was from 2004 that their dawn began all over the country.

Igor Mazepa and Ontopsychology

In his brainchild “Concorde Capital” Igor Mazepa repeatedly disseminated the doctrine of ontopsychology forcibly. Of course, there was no question of stupid recruitment into the sect. After all, a commoner cannot just join the sect. For this, you need to have a certain weight. And it’s not about physical data, but about the status and, of course, the purse. There is no place for ordinary brokers in the abode of “the representatives of a higher class.”

However, where one is considered better than the other, totalitarianism necessarily arises. This style of leadership was preached by Igor Mazepa. In fact, you cannot blame a businessman for the way he leads his employees. His money is his rule. However, you can draw conclusions. There has never been talk about equality or partnership – rather about slavery.

Igor Mazepa constantly demanded all the best from his employees. The concepts of the end of the work day did not exist in principle. And this whole story was diluted with onto trainings, which helped to sell better. However, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that Igor Mazepa paid his slaves well, so it was worth bearing this.

Fraud a la Sect

Igor Mazepa breaks up with his family in the period of full immersion in the doctrine of ontopsychology. In his family, the ontopsychologist revealed himself to the full. For example, he argued that a child after seven years of life does not need a mother in principle. The wife of Mazepa, Tatyana Zdanevich, applied for a divorce in 2007.

However, Igor Mazepa showed a wit too. He did this first. He quietly conducts the process in the provincial district court of the Lugansk region. And it was done in absentia, without the presence of his lawful wife. Money and our realities allowed it.

What about alimony? Of course, they were. In the amount of just over two thousand hryvnias. The spouse naturally claimed half of the property (which is hundreds of millions of dollars), but almost sacred Igor Mazepa gave only the minimum possible amount.

During the years of marriage Tatyana Zdanevich noted that she had never seen her husband’s millions. They rested only once in the Crimea with their son and spent only three hundred dollars. Sex also disappeared in the family life of Igor Mazepa, because “sex with a wife is evil.” Tatiana found in her husband’s notes some other, completely wild records, which he made as a result of his passion for ontopsychology. Here are just a few of them:

  • About children: “Children with a distorted psyche are always the cause of the abnormal attitude of the mother to the child. Therefore, the influence of the mother on the child is allowed only up to 7 years, from 7 to 14 the mother-child relationship must be limited, from 14 to 21 there should be no connection at all.”
  • About the employees: “It is important to hire people of 18-20 years old to get them out of the biological type before they entered the common matrix. They should be removed from the family and the hostel, to break the semantic fields with biological people. ”
  • On leadership: “The leader is alone. The leader stands above morality. ”
  • About wives: “A biological type of woman should not be allowed to go beyond the second level”. (The first level is sex, the second is the wife, the mother, the third is the friend, the fourth is the partner, the fifth is the spirituality, etc.) “If you want to keep your women, you must always be closed.” “I do not let her into me, I have sex, but for myself.”

Igor Mazepa wrote down these and other his conclusions in a notebook. Self-censorship does not allow us to publish some of them in the framework of this material.

Igor Mazepa did not comment on his divorce. His enthusiasm in ontopsychology, and Scientology he called and continues to call a stupid thing. He masterfully learned to deny any facts that compromise him. This is demonstrated by his recent interview with the well-known businessman Evgeni Chernyak: https://youtu.be/ngpZkDIFF7o

Summing up

There are not so many things that usually characterize a person. The most important of these are the attitude towards the family, the wife, and the parents. Given the above hobbies, it is not difficult to guess how Igor Mazepa makes money.

Any fascination with non-traditional beliefs, sects, religions hardly gives a person development. After all, the most important thing is what’s inside. If there is confusion, anger, vanity and the desire to achieve everything and immediately with the help of some kind of magic, then the actions of such a person are focused exclusively on the result at any cost.

By the way, the result oriented personalities were Seko Asahara, Marshall Applewyte and Charles Menson. Everyone knows how they ended.

But, despite all the claimed facts of the biography, Igor Mazepa continues to work, to make money with the top of today’s power – Peter Poroshenko and Boris Lozhkin. After all, the result is important here, but at what price nobody cares. But does Ukraine need such a prospect?

Author: Alex Wolf

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