Published On: Wed, May 9th, 2018

I Mourned for Jax Taylor and Other Vanderpump Rules Reunion Tidbits

Part 1 of the 3 part Vanderpump Rules reunion aired Monday evening and from the beginning you could tell it was going to be a circus because they certainly dressed the part. Whoever is doing these girl’s makeup should be fired. It was caked on, over done and just absolutely ridiculous. It looked like Sephora threw up on their faces. Their outfits were not much better and the guys looked liked they all bought suits 2 sizes too small.

I really started to like Lala this season but to begin the show with something so out of line was classless. It is not worth repeating.

Jax & Brittany are still together which comes as a surprise to no one since we all have Instagram and they have been giving interviews to anyone who cared to talk to them about why they got back together.

Stassi & Patrick and Scheana and Rob have also called it quits which was Instagram official months ago. Stassi admits that watching the season back was as cringeworthy for her as it was for all of us. The best part was when Andy Cohen read off the fan comments used to describe Patrick. My favorite has always been douche-canoe.

Scheana and Rob may not have broken up because of the show, which had been the rumor when the couple announced their split. It actually seems like Rob stayed with her because of the show and dumped her as soon as shooting ended. I’m not sure why anyone was surprised by the revelation. Scheana made sure we all knew that Rob does things fast and judging by the look on his face when she talked he was ready to run.

The prospective bar known as TomTom came up and while it looks like it will be open soon, I’m not sure if either Tom is really going to be a part of it. Lisa hasn’t cashed their checks and she pretty much says they can piss off. Now at first I thought this was a petty thing for Lisa to do but I had to take a minute to really go through the season and everything that happened.

First off, Lisa and Ken don’t need the Tom’s money. They can open any bar, restaurant, or dog rescue without any partners. On the other hand, neither Tom has the resources or knowledge to open anything on their own. Instead of being grateful for the opportunity and jumping in and getting done what is being asked of them, Tom Sandoval has been complaining. He’s been complaining so much he just coming across as a whiner and not someone willing to work his way up. They only are going to own 5% of the bar and that doesn’t give them much say but if they didn’t agree with those terms, don’t write the check. Go and do it on your own. Good luck opening a hot dog cart in West Hollywood for $50,000 but it’s his choice.

The biggest red flag is the immaturity of the Tom’s. They party all night, get drunk, black out and have a lot of life drama. Those aren’t enticing attributes when looking for a business partner and Lisa has every right to be skeptical. With the complaining, partying and overall lack of getting what they have been asked to do accomplished, I can understand Lisa taking a step back. This was her project from the beginning that she decided to let them be involved in. That’s a big opportunity and I think the Tom’s need to come to terms with that.

Since the end of filming Jax has had to deal with the loss of his father. I have never met Jax or his father but they are from my hometown area. I am friends with people who knew Jax’s father well and worked with him for years. By all accounts from people close to me, Jax’s father was a fun loving, caring individual, who truly loved his family and really did speak to his son every day. I mourned with Jax as he detailed how he found out about losing such an important part of his life.

Eleven years ago, I lost my mom to cancer. She too was my best friend and someone I spoke to every day. Losing such an important part of my life was not only a loss of a mother but I lost some of who I was. She was such an important person to me that a lot of our relationship defined who I was as a person. Without her I struggled to find a new normal and hurt as I relearned who I was. In that first year, I lashed out. I had an unusually short fuse. I said things that I shouldn’t have said and I redefined my relationship with everyone around based on how much they supported me through that difficult time. When I watched Jax lash out at Scheanda, I understood everything he was feeling. I was in that same place once. I cried for him and I mourned the loss that he was living through.

While I am not always a Jax Taylor fan, I saw the pain in him that I knew all too well. It was real and it never leaves us. Rest in peace Ronald Cauchi.

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