Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Hush-Hush Secrets about Girls and Gadgets Revealed! (Hint: They love them!)

So here’s the Breaking News of the Millennium- Women love gadgets more than men!

Before you get all preachy about how ‘pink’, ‘cuddly’ and ‘sparkly’ gifts are coveted by all females on this planet, let’s get straight to the facts:-

Women take the lead in purchasing Consumer Electronics!

If you’re thinking of ‘Hello Kitty Playstations’ and ‘Floral-designed laptops’, then you probably need a gadget too; a time-machine to send you back in time, and remind you that this is the 21st century! Most working women simply cannot do without a laptop or a smartphone to check their email, organize notes and memos, google vital information, keep in touch with clients, and even if it’s your Mom who happens to be a homemaker, hasn’t the social media wildfire and selfie-fever caught up equally fast with the older generation?

Based on a recent CNBC Survey, a whopping 57% of women in the US stated that they preferred their smartphones over sex! Yet another article published in Mashable illustrated how women are more likely to purchase consumer electronics than men, the data being sourced from Consumer Electronics Show. In fact, women took the lead in purchasing consumer electronics in all the top categories like smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods and Video Games.

Apart from the aforementioned major consumer electronics, a quick look at the astonishing range of devices that a majority of women regularly make use of in their daily lives, shall hopefully dispel your clichéd thoughts on gadget gifts for girls!

Machines to Cater to their Fitness Needs!

From Elliptical Trainers, Treadmills and other Home Gym Equipment, to Shiatsu Massagers, Wearable Health Trackers, Vibrapower Discs, Home Blood Pressure Monitors and so on, there’s a massive range of devices that women would really appreciate being gifted! So instead of pampering her with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, get home a neck massager or a pedicure machine and pamper her to no end!

Household Gadgetry: A Salute to Efficient Home-makers!

The list is practically endless in this category- think of handy kitchen appliances like Bread-makers, Food Processors, Vacuum Sealers, Hand Mixers, Waffle Makers, Electric Kettles, Juicers, Dehydrators, Pop Corn Makers, Yogurt Makers, Electric Cookers. If you’re on a tight budget, you could even opt for something as thoughtful, yet cost effective as an egg separator or a lemon squeezer! And why limit yourself to the kitchen, when you have gift ideas as diverse as Wine Chillers, Air Purifiers, Vacuum Cleaners, Space Heaters, Trash Compactors and umpteen other options! This is probably the safest category of tech gifts for women, and you can take your pick in this zone when you’re way too confused about her likes or dislikes!

photo supplied/ Top Eyelash Serums

photo supplied/ Top Eyelash Serums

Beauty and Personal Care Gizmo will leave her delirious with joy!

No matter what the occasion is or how you’re related to the lovely recipient, a gadget gift in the beauty and personal care zone is bound to be a hit! You’ll be fascinated at the sheer variety of gifting options, right from Eyelash Curlers, Blow Dryers, Curling Irons, and Flat Irons, to epilators, Facial Sauna Systems, Electronic Face Cleansers and so on!

Baby Care Tools are most appreciated!

Those who’ve recently discovered the joys (and challenges!) of motherhood and a majority of moms-to-be will be ever so grateful for any sort of gadget that simplifies their life, be it a Breast Pump, a Diaper Genie, a Bottle Sterilizer, a Baby Monitor or a Baby Care Timer!

Explore the Unconventional!

Here’s a naughty thought. Why not make use of the next gifting opportunity for your wife, to spice things up in the bedroom? Acknowledging her sexual needs will earn you extra brownie points for being such a caring hubby!

So the verdict is out loud and clear- women definitely cherish gadget gifts, and there’s no reason why you should gift them the same cuddly toys, ornate jewelry boxes, rejuvenating bath salts and scented candles every year. Be it your Mom, Girlfriend, Wife or Sis, finding the perfect gift for any occasion is no longer a Herculean Task! All you need to do is to put an end to outdated gender-gifting stereotypes, and explore the fascinating world of gadget gifts for women!

P.S- Don’t forget to stick to the general tenets of gift-shopping and frugal living, which include charting out a budget, surveying the best deals, promotions and discount coupons, and looking for value for money, as opposed to blind extravagance! Frugaa is the best place to take a peek in if you are looking for latest discounts on top brands online.

Guest Author: Isabelle Dwayne

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