Published On: Wed, Jun 2nd, 2021

Hurify is the Decentralized Blockchain Platform That is Revolutionizing IoT

The Internet and technology are constantly evolving and are becoming a part of life more than ever. Things are more connected than ever, and we are not just working with our technology, but our technology is working together because one device can connect to another, this time the Internet of Conditions (IOT), where each other.

Our entire network of physical devices connected to and exchange data is known as to make our lives easier, more efficient and streamlined; thus, expanding the network of decentralized finance companies.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

In recent years, things have exploded in internet, and in reality, something else has gone along with a huge capacity of things to create value and making everyday life easier for people, even though IOT like In a relatively new idea, always make new innovations and ideas better than wood so that it can be improved. They want to improve the basic ways of the Internet of things and introduce new ideas and practices so that they can be made better for all those who use them. One of the companies, which is at the forefront of this revolution in the IOT space, is Hurify.

Hurreme is a decentralized ethrayum-based platform, which can help developers and customers to connect with the win-win situation by earning their technology and services. Their structure will allow customers to easily find the right programmers to work on the project in search of IOT solutions and services. Not only this, but the platform will allow them to work together and fill the gap of demand and talent in the industry.

The relationship between the developer and the client will be directly, without the need to include any third party. The way the stage will work is also simple. When a client is developed or manufactured, he can send a request on the forum and start looking for the right programmer to work with them.

In return, the creators make their profiles that will highlight their characteristics and achievements. After negotiating a partnership, the choice of smart contracts will ensure fair trade between the parties so that no one can benefit from anybody. As you can see, they create an entire network market for I.T.T. customers and programmers who think of an idea when it comes with an idea and then revive it.

The sale of ICO Hurify 1 will be suspended on February 2018, and token sales will last till February 28, 2018, they also pre-sale, which is active till 25 December, if you want to receive chips before the official start of the sale. Their tokens are called HRs and developers will be used to pay and currency will be on the market and ICO whitepaper platform.

Assessment model for HR is quite simple because you will receive 5000 Hert Ether Token. During the sale of the token, approximately 275 million HRs will be in circulation. When tokens are allocated, their plans are very clear on their website. The sale of Hur will be sold in 77% of the crowd, 10% will presales a risk for developers during presales, 5% in prize, marketing and promotion, and 5% for 3%.

For the money received during the sale, Hurify also explained how they are planning to use this money. 30% on 30% of platform development, sales and marketing, 30% on affiliate program and 10% on the award program is spent.

While their technologies and ambitions are influential, the team is behind the company. His team’s CEO and co-founder Chandramouli Srinivasan, co-founder and CIO Poetry Goalie and Nathaniel Ludwig, who guided by the development of business and directing investors. Each of them has decades and decades of experience, and in particular Srinivasan and Goalie, they worked for Intel, one of the world’s largest technology companies. Apart from Harvey’s leadership, there are plenty of people with experience in engineering, extensive development, interception and more in his team.

As for the future of the company Horrify, your website also explains well, and said that 2018 is a big year for them, because they favor a favorable between customers and developers, who help to realize their plans and ideas. Try to achieve the objective of creating the status IoT.

Finally, Hurify hopes to revolutionize the way IoT services, products and technologies are built and produced. Their platform will create a fully open and decentralized market that will disrupt the current model and ensure the availability of technology for all.

Author: Prakash Sharma

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