Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

Huma Abedin, husband Anthony Weiner in Hillary Clinton email scandal over ‘Life Insurance’

The Hillary Clinton email scandal added another chapter on Friday after the FBI announced they were re-opening their investigation in her handling of classified, top secret and government servers.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), there are roughly 650,000 emails waiting to be extracted off a computer which is owned and was shared by Abedin and her now estranged ex-husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

The emails were reportedly discovered due to a new investigation into Weiner, which levies charges that he was in an illegal sexual communication with an underage girl. The FBI, in their search for evidence of Weiner’s impropriety, happened to accidentally come across the emails under Abedin’s email.

The chaos deepened as attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei, a supporter of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the Vice-Chair of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, to say that:

We’ve got Huma Abedin with 10,000 emails, UNDER life insurance because she doesn’t want an accidental death.

Daily Mail (DM) and Nation One News (NON) additionally report that Abedin kept more than 10,000 potentially damning emails from then-Secretary of State Clinton. It is being reported that the emails are part of the supposed 33,000 that were said to have been wiped clean using the computer software called Bleachbit, and that they contain top level classifications such as “confidential” and “secret.”


Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Abedin hasn’t spoken publicly about the newly found emails.

“The possibility that this device contains any emails of hers is news to her,” a source familiar with the investigation and civil litigation told CNN. “The device supposedly at issue now belonged to Anthony, not her.”
The new information that the FBI found State Department-related email on her home laptop also calls into question whether Abedin in fact turned over all of the devices she used to send and receive email while working at State.
“How did you go about searching for what records you may have in your possession to be returned to the State Department?” Attorney Ramona Cotca for Judicial Watch asked her in June.

“I looked for all the devices that may have any of my State Department work on it and returned — returned — gave them to my attorneys for them to review for all relevant documents. And gave them devices and paper,” Abedin answered.

Cotca then asked Abedin specifically what devices she gave her attorneys.

“If memory serves me correctly, it was two laptops, a BlackBerry, and some files that I found in my apartment,” Abedin said, adding the BlackBerry was associated with her Clintonemail.com account.

Abedin maintained that she was “not involved in the process” of what records on her devices would be given to the State Department.

“I provided them [her attorneys] with the devices and the materials and asked them to find whatever they thought was relevant and appropriate, whatever was their determination as to what was a federal record, and they did. They turned the materials in, and I know they did so….”

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