Published On: Fri, Jan 4th, 2019

How You Can Effectively Improve Security in Your Office Parking Area

When you have a business, you are often all too aware of its safety and security – and the safety and security of everything – and everyone – in it. You probably have various measures which you have already set in place to protect your workplace – whether it’s installing CCTV cameras around the perimeter and other areas, hiring a security patrol or guard, taking advantage of a lock up and unlocking service, and more. But whilst you are busy making sure that your workplace and premises are secure, there may be one place which you may be neglecting: your office parking area or parking lot. The parking area can be one of the least secure areas you have at your business premises, and it is usually dark and uninhabited. Various untoward incidents can occur in parking lots, and if you would like to avoid a security incident in your parking area, there are some things you should do to keep it safer and more secure as well. Here’s how you can effectively improve security in your office parking area.

Set rules or codes for drivers

The first thing you can do to make your parking area safer is to set up rules or codes for drivers. For instance, you should make sure that a speed limit is enforced, especially if you have a big parking area, and you should also set up road signs as well as speed humps. You can also install signs for drivers telling them to look out for pedestrians. You can even go one bit further by having your parking area rules and codes written in your company handbook.

Invest in a security system

One of the best things you can certainly do to improve security in your parking area is to invest in a security system. It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated security system – often, a few CCTV cameras will do the trick. You can even deter more criminals by installing fake or dummy cameras around your parking area; just make sure these cameras are not easily reached or vandalised. If your parking area is far away from the main building or office premises, you may also benefit from a security guard stationed at a guardhouse, along with security barriers or gates. The mere presence of the security guard may also be enough to deter criminals, as confirmed by the renowned security specialists from Securipol.net.

Make it bright

All too often, parking areas are dark spaces where anyone could be lurking in a corner. Another thing you can do to enhance security in your premises is to make your parking area brighter with a lot of strong lighting; the proper lights can be an investment, but it can make a tremendous difference to would-be attackers and intruders as well. With the proper lighting, you can also make it easier for drivers to spot or see pedestrians, therefore lessening the risk of accidents.

You should also make sure to clear any entrances and exits of blind spots caused by bushes, trees, bins, and so on. These can block someone’s vision, thereby causing an accident, and they can be used as a hiding place by intruders as well.

Author: Joana Green

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