Published On: Thu, Oct 12th, 2017

How Will Hypnosis Be Useful For Your Weight Loss?

People, who suffer from excess weight issues, are always ready to try out new measures that will help them shed those unwanted calories.

This brings us to the very important point and that is, whether you have ever heard about the weight loss hypnosis process? Yes, this is definitely something that will make your mind quite curious because one would definitely wonder whether hypnosis would be useful in the case of weight loss or not?

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This technique for losing those extra calories does make you think like it’s an odd combination of psychological and physical process. But the good part is, yet this technique is effective when it comes to shedding weight. Hypnotherapy is known to be a branch of alternative medicine. It is effective way which is useful in curing a wide array of illness. Let us know more about this technique below:

What is Hypnotherapy?

It is believed to be a mind-body technique which is used in such a way that one’s mental state gets altered, in the positive way. In this particular process, the mind gets transferred into a state of relaxation. You start feeling more concentrated yet relaxed at the same time. Since the mind starts to rest in a state of relaxation, it tends to get highly receptive. This way it starts to get more open towards suggestions. Also when the mind feels clearer it starts to recognize, inspect and resolve issues quickly. You can get to this trance-like state, through the help of an expert or even through self hypnosis.

Will hypnosis actually help you to shed weight?

Hypnosis for shedding excess weight is a technique where root cause for excess weight is analyzed. One also gets the chance to go through the real reasons as to why one is not being able to shed weight. A hypnotic expert who is a mental health professional will at first try the patient to start understand ways to come out of ways of overeating. It is believed that one starts to overeat due to hunger. You probably might have also come across the term, stress-eating. The other reason why one tends to gain weight is because of not adding exercise regime to their every day routine. This is one of the 4 core reasons why, people who are obese or overweight, cannot usually shed weight quickly. Yet, through a professional hypnotherapist, the real reason will get analyzed. Also ones aversion towards exercise will start to be worked upon, through the hypnotherapist.

After the problem gets identified, the hypnotist will move towards its cause. In this process a patient would be asked to follow a very healthy diet chart, alongside a regular exercise session. In this technique, one is also asked to emit negative thoughts about one’s physical self, or their body. They start to work in these areas by repeatedly reiterating phrases. In this process even mental imagery is used.

If you are tired of your weight issues, it is high time you try this technique. We assure you that it will prove to be beneficial for you and shedding weight will be much faster than you might have thought!

Author: Mariia Lvovych

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  1. Ritu says:

    Hypnosis and weight loss! two words with different meaning but is this possible? Thanks for sharing

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