Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

How Wagner and Jones is Tackling the Butte County Camp Fire

The Butte County Camp Fire of 2018 is by far, the most destructive and deadliest California wildfire in history. It sent the state reeling with more than 80 confirmed dead and nearly 14,000 homes razed to the ground leaving thousands of families homeless. As survivors try to cope in shelters and temporary housing, many are on the lookout for a wildfire lawyer to help them recoup their losses. Among the California law firms that hold the most experience in wildfire litigation is Wagner and Jones, and they have been extending help to the victims Camp Fire almost immediately after the incident.

Satellite imagery from NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System shows smoke from California’s Camp and Woolsey fires on Nov. 10, 2018.

The Butte County Camp Fire Recovery Guide

Wagner and Jones recognized that survivors of Camp Fire still suffer from trauma and are unsure on what to do next. To help set the victims on the right path, they published the Butte County Camp Fire Recovery Guide on their website. The guide outlines the ideal steps that the victims need to take to increase their chances of receiving compensation and reparations from those responsible. It also included advice on how to file legal and insurance claims, gave leads on temporary housing and recovery centers, and shared tips on how to recover your home.

The following are some of the practical advice in the Wagner and Jones Camp Fire recovery guide.

  1.    Immediate steps – After making sure that you and your family are safe, offer to help the authorities in checking up on your friends and neighbors who were also affected by the wildfire. Call your insurance company and look for a legal representative to help you file claims and negotiate settlements.
  2.    PG&E lawsuit – Evidence that the utility company was primarily responsible for the wildfire continues to grow. While the utility company has declared bankruptcy, it does not make them immune from Camp Fire lawsuits. You are within your legal right to file a case against the company and are in a good position to receive compensation.
  3.    What to do if you are underinsured – Your insurance company is obligated notify you if they are going to reduce your coverage. If they failed to do so, you can file a case against your insurance company.

Free Consultation and Representation

When it comes to experience, Wagner and Jones is currently involved in other lawsuits against PG&E. The lawsuits bear some resemblance to Camp Fire incident as they also caused by negligence and mismanagement on the part of the utility company. This gives Wagner and Jones the advantage as they tackle yet another lawsuit against the utility company.

The wildfire lawyers at Wagner and Jones assure survivors of the Butte County Camp Fire that they have rights in recovering losses. If you are a victim of Camp Fire and do not have insurance, lawyers from Wagner and Jones will still help you file legal claims against PG&E. The consultation and legal representation will not cost you anything until compensation has been paid to you.

Author: Bruno Souza

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