Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2022

How to Write a Product Description That Sells

eCommerce sales skyrocketed during 2020 due to the pandemic. As an owner, you want shoppers to read the product description and order the item or service. If you need help with product descriptions, keep reading.

This guide will teach helpful product description tips to entice your audience. You can sell more online products with excellent descriptions.

If you want to learn more, check out the tips below.

Who Is Your Main Buyer?

Writing a solid product description will depend on your understanding of the audience.

Can you understand what your audience seeks from you? Write a description with your audience in mind. You won’t address anyone if you write a generic description without a focus.

Ask and answer questions. Target your key audience in a personal way. You should also consider your buyer’s sense of humor and what words they despise.

What would it be like to speak to your buyer in a store? What kind of conversation would you end up having? Try to emulate that in your product description.

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Draft an Outline

You should aim to make the product description concise and clear. Your readers aren’t going to spend time reading a long description. You should be able to skim through the description and get the main points.

Work on creating an outline to help guide you throughout the drafting process. You can split the information up. Use graphics as well.

Don’t Use Unnecessary Copy

A product description should teach your customers about the product. You shouldn’t add information that’s not valuable about your product.

Try to think of yourself as the customer. What would it be like for you to read the description? Is the description way too cluttered and filled with extra details? Try to avoid filler words or obvious information.

What Are the Benefits?

When selling your products, share your excitement about different unique features.

Write the product description and highlight the main benefits. Your buyer might not feel interested in all the specifics. You should address the main points that your product will help them with.

What are the main benefits of your product? How will the product end up making your customers feel? Will it make them more productive, happy, or healthy? What issues could your product solve for clients?

Consider the Format

When you write a product description, think about your formatting.

Most online shoppers will scan the text on a website. Use bullet points when possible to cover the most critical topics. Bullet points should get used for short phrases.

You should also use prose. Write a paragraph or two; ensure the paragraphs aren’t longer than three sentences. The retailers will see what the product is all about and why they might want it.

Make Use of Storytelling

Does your product have a unique backstory? You could use your product’s story to reach your audience. Try adding the story to your product description. This will engage the hearts and minds of your audience.

What’s Unique About Your Product?

You should think about how your product goes a step further than competitors. Do you have years of testing behind you? Is your founder an expert in the area? Do you have product reviews and tons of testimonials?

Look at showing how your product’s unique. Put the content that your audience will find the most engaging. You can also provide visual information.

Remain Persuasive

Product description writers mistakenly use cliché terms like ‘excellent product.’ Your customers will probably roll their eyes, knowing that most owners will say that.

You aren’t going to come across as persuasive if you write a description like that. Remain specific and provide details.

A shopper will enjoy specific product details because they will seem way more credible. The product details are going to sell your product. Include technical details in your description.

Why Are You Using Superlatives?

Superlatives might be insincere unless you try to prove why your product’s the most advanced or the best.

You should explain why you use particular words. If you use the word ‘signature,’ you will send the message that the product has something special.

Capture Your Reader’s Imagination

People who hold a product will have an increased desire to own it. If you sell things online, you won’t have this option as a seller.

Selling things online will mean you need clear and excellent videos or pictures. Your copywriter will inspire your audience by writing about the product in great detail.

Evoke the reader’s imagination. Have them think about how the product will improve their life. 

Ensure You Have Enough Product 

Product descriptions are critical, and so is the inventory. An organized process should track how much stock arrives and leaves your business.

Some businesses will look at working with another company and outsource these tasks. You could find a local company or a consultant from Salesforce b2b commerce.

You don’t want to write a stellar description and then disappoint customers. Keep your top sellers in stock, so your buyers will keep coming back. 

Write an Enticing Product Description Today

When crafting a product description, ensure you understand your intended audience.

Consider who will use your product and what benefits they will experience. You should also remain detailed and specific with your product description.

Your eCommerce store will depend on excellent product descriptions because customers can’t hold the item.

Need more business tips? We have some business and technology resources on the blog to browse.

Author: Laura Brown

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