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How to watch your favorite sports in Korea

Many people are quick to believe some of the things they find in the media, without seeking out the truth. For instance, it’s wrongly perceived that one cannot watch his/her favorite sports team’s match live while living in Korea. This is far from being true, because Korea has some broadcasting solutions in play, which means every of your favorite team can be followed whenever you wish to. Many expats living in Korea are often frustrated when they cannot watch their favorite sports from back home. Most times, it is because of what they’ve been led to believe in the media and because they are not in the know. However, if you are insistent on staying in Korea, and you would love to keep up with your favorite sports, there are a few solutions to consider, one of which is absolutely FREE. Regardless of whether your favorite team is in the NBL, NFL, or, EPL, you can always watch all of their games at your own convenience, and without any charges, in Korea via the country’s leading sports broadcasting service 토토 총판. 

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Purchase a viewing package

Are you interested in watching the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, or EPL games? One of your ultimate solutions, if you are living in Korea, is to purchase a viewing package. There are many of these packages in Korea, some of which offer many more mind-blowing broadcasts. However, the types of games you will be able to watch would depend on the package you are opting for, and the plan you are purchasing. All in all, you can watch your favorite sports in Korea through any of these viewing packages. The upside to this option is that you will be getting a great and high-definition quality. The downside however is that you’ve got to fork over the dough. “No dough? No show.”

The ultimate option

There is, however, another option, one that doesn’t involve paying any money or undergoing any registration. Always consider making use of this option via 총판 모집.  It is a legal and free platform that operates with the best interest of the public at heart. It offers the sports broadcasting service for free in Korea and without any registration. It offers free streams of baseball, soccer, basketball, football, and other “niche” sports that are popular in Korea.

Perks of using this sports broadcasting service

  • Majority of the programming is in Korean, which is a great way to build and develop your understanding of the language.
  • The games are available live.
  • You have access to many games in different sports. So, the choice is always yours!

Naver Sports

Naver TV is an excellent online streaming service for Korea. A sports watcher would know how excellent of a service Naver TV is and how valuable it is in Korea. 

Which Games Are Streamed?

How do you know which games will be available ahead of time? Aside from learning Korean and looking up the information, the best way to gauge whether a game will be shown is to know a particular team’s roster. If there is a Korean athlete playing on a team, a stream of that team’s games will almost always be available. For baseball fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers (Ryu Hyun Jin), Pittsburg Pirages (Kang Jung Ho), or Texas Rangers (Choo Shin Soo), this is good news. Even if there is not a Korean playing on a team, Naver Sports does a good job of showing some of the bigger and more important games. For example, NBA playoff games are often available to watch.

Live Stream

You might choose to live stream your favorite sports at your own convenience, especially when you want to watch a match on your mobile device. Just like it happens in every country of the world, live streaming also happens in Korea. This is another useful option for you, but there is little guarantee that you will be able to access every match every time. For instance, you might not be able to watch the match you are interested in live because the online channel is broadcasting another match or show. This option is best employed when there are no other games ongoing at the time you wish to watch yours, because when matches coincide, it might be difficult finding a channel that would show yours. Another downside is that the quality might not be so great, as the quality you get is often determined by the strength and bandwidth of your internet connection. 

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