Published On: Thu, Jun 13th, 2019

How to Use Web Analytics to Increase Online Sales

Every online business uses a web analytics tool just to track the traffic on their page but most of them are not aware of the power of an analytics tool. If you are wondering what is web analytics and what can it do for your online business, read further to understand its full potential.

Targeting Customers based on Geographic Regions:

Through web analytics, you can figure out the geographic region from where most of your visitors are visiting your site. That way you can strategize to target those regions for boosting your sales. You can also figure out the areas not doing so well and initiate offers or discounts to those regions to improve sales.

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Demographics data Help to Target Customers:

Using demographics, you can discover which age group or gender is more interested in your site or product. This lets you understand what kind of campaign may result in better sales.

Helps you Determine the Traffic Channel:

Web analytics lets you figure out through which platform are the customers visiting the site- is it through social media, search engines or referrals. This helps you modify your existing campaigns to target more potential customers.

Aids in Determining the Cause of the Bounce Rates:

Web analytics analysis can let you review the bounce rate causes. Check the pages with a higher bounce rate and compare it with the pages with higher traffic and figure out what needs to be fixed on those pages to reduce the bounce rate.

Helps to Analyze Existing Campaigns:

If you have set up a campaign for an email marketing or social media marketing, then the results can be analyzed through web analytics to figure out if your campaign is doing good or needs improvement. This helps you troubleshoot the issue and bring in more customers.

Analysis of Various Call-to-Action

Analytics also help you determine which call-to-action is doing better. This will help you understand other factors which may be helping in making a call-to-action more success than others such as the placement of it or the page in which they appear. This data can help you understand how to increase your sales by making simple changes.

Learn the Preferred Landing Page:

You can also understand the most preferred user landing page which will help you modify the page to get in more business by increasing conversion rate. Such pages can be modified to decrease the bounce rate as well.

Learn the Visitors Preferred Devices:

Web analytics also gives you details of the percentage of visitors visiting your webpage through various devices. This will help you understand which view you need to optimize more. As a default nowadays we need to concentrate on mobile view as most people access the net through their smartphones.

Web analytics also gives you data of the devices through which your site gets the maximum conversion rate. This data may be different as many visitors may browse through their phones but when they buy a product, they like to pay through their laptops hence keep a check on these values to understand the pages that need to be optimized the most for various devices.

We suggest you try out a web analytics tool as it can do much more than we have mentioned above and help your business really boom. 

 Author: Nataliya Stefanus 

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