Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2022

How to Use Kratom for Pain Management

Pain is a common yet uncomfortable sensation that mostly precedes an ailment or indicates an injury. It mostly suggests that something isn’t right in your system; hence, it is one of the most reported conditions in hospitals. Research shows that women are more susceptible to pain than men are, and the older you get, the more you experience pain.

Therefore, pain management has become critical, especially for chronic pain patients. One of the most common remedies is for victims to see healthcare professionals or take painkillers. Let’s look at how Kratom can help in managing your pain. 

Types of pain

There are two main categories of pain, acute and chronic pains. Under these categories are various types. So, you can say the kinds of pains are acute, chronic, neuropathic, nociceptive, and radicular pain.

Acute pain: Acute pains are mostly related to short illnesses or an injury to soft tissue and last for a short period. It comes and goes with its associated illness or injury. You may experience such pain for a few minutes or, in the worst-case scenario, not more than three months. However, it can advance into chronic pain, if the associated injury or illness persists.

Chronic pain: chronic pain is repetitive or constant pain, and such pain lasts for more than three months or becomes intermittent. Chronic pains are mostly health conditions related. Conditions like arthritis, spine injury, fibromyalgia, etc. can bring about chronic pain.

Neuropathic pain: This comes under chronic pain and can be intermittent. You experience this pain due to a damaged nerve or an injury to the nervous system. The pain can affect your sense of touch and the feeling of coldness and hotness. Neuropathic pain can also affect your mobility since it is related to nervous system injury.

Nociceptive pain: this sharp or achy pain results from an external injury that causes damage to body tissue. Such injuries include twisting your ankle, stubbing the toe, or a sudden hit to the elbow, among others. Nociceptive pain can be chronic or acute pain.

Radicular pain: You experience this type of pain when your spinal nerve (sciatic nerve) gets inflamed or compressed. Also known as sciatica, the pain radiates from your back and hip and goes through the legs to the spine and spinal nerve root. It comes with muscle weakness, itchiness, and numbness.

By Yanawut Suntornkij

Managing pain with Kratom

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa best-known Kratom, is very popular in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is able to withstand all seasons, making it an evergreen plant in the coffee family. Kratom leaves are dried and used for medicinal purposes. It is used for treating several medical conditions, including chronic pain treatment, anxiety, mood disorder, depression, and alcoholism, among others. Kratom is banned in some countries; nonetheless, its potency cannot be underestimated, especially for pain management and treatment.

Strains of Kratom 

Kratom comes in different varieties, and some strains can be country specific. The type of strains determines the chemical composition of the plant and its level of effectiveness. The easiest way to distinguish the various strains is their vein color. Now, here are some strains of Kratom.

Thai Essence: This strain contains a high level of mitragynine, which is responsible for stimulating the effects Kratom brings. 

Ultra-Enhance Maeng Da: This strain is very powerful in relieving and stimulating pains. Using it brings about a high level of energy and productivity.

Red vein Kratom: This is one of the best kratom strains for pain management because it contains analgesic effects. It enhances mental and physical stimulation, and is also effective in fighting sleeping disorders. This strain of Kratom can help in opium addiction withdrawal. 

Bali Kratom: Is native to Indonesia and known for its seductive and pain-relieving properties. It has a gentle effect on the mind. 

White vein: This is known for its stimulating effect and contains a lot of energy, and it is best known for boosting the mental and physical energy levels and improving cognition. 

Using Kratom for Pain Management

The right use and dosage of Kratom can be a great pain reliever and effective in managing chronic pains. Many people are addicted to painkillers of all kinds due to their chronic pain, which mostly results in drug resistance or ineffectiveness. That aside, the prolonged use of these painkillers can have adverse side effects on the body. 

However, Kratom has no major side effects and can even solve the addiction problem. Kratom is natural and with the many strains and qualities, you can choose one that suits your condition. Pain-killing ability is one of the biggest Kratom benefits when used medicinally. It triggers the opioid receptors to alleviate all associated pains, acute or chronic. It can help in relieving pains associated with most types of headaches or migraines, arthritic pain, vascular pains, muscle pain, and other reoccurring pains. 

Knowing and using the right kratom strain is critical for pain management, and this is because the different strains have different properties and effects. The strains used for pain management contain compounds including alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which also enhance your mood.  

With the right strain and dose, Kratom brings about satisfactory pain relief. 5/6 grams is the preferred Kratom dosage for pain relief; this quantity won’t make you feel high. Furthermore, these dosage levels can last as long as six good hours or more, depending on the pain level and individual. Most reviews suggest that this dosage help user to do their regular activities and perform at work. 

Using Kratom for pain management is the best, considering its effectiveness and fewer side effects. It is also not addictive when used in the right dose. 

Compared to the extracts, the kratom leaf is much recommended when managing pain. Some Kratom-enhanced products and extracts lose some of their alkaloids as they only concentrate on just one or two of them. 

Many prescribed pain medicines, while valuable and beneficial at times, can be unsafe. So now that you know there is another answer to your pain problem, look for Kratom for pain relief.

Author: Kayla Rench

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