Published On: Wed, Nov 20th, 2019

How To Use Ceramic Briquettes For Gas Grills?

What is the answer when you have one of the gas grills that doesn’t heat evenly? Product reviews on sites like GotReviewed.com will most likely lead you toward ceramic briquettes. For bbq grills to be deemed adequate, the fuel has to not only be efficient, but the heat distributed equally over your food. For gas grills, the gas being used as fuel may tend to spread more heat in one spot than others. But you can use ceramic briquettes for bbq grills to solve this issue.

Things To Know About Ceramic Briquettes For BBQ Grills

A briquette is a block made from the dust of either wood, coal, peat, charcoal or some other version of biomass like ceramics that is combustible and to be used as fuel. These ceramic briquettes often come with gas grills as an accessory. But they are not serving as the primary source of fuel, the gas is still the source. These briquettes are being added as a means to fix the heat distribution issue for the food.

photo/ moerschy via pixabay

How Do You Use Ceramic Briquettes?

Using ceramic briquettes is not a difficult process. They can be used with either your freestanding gas grills or built-in gas grills. Let’s go over the steps here.

  • Gas grills lids should be lifted and the grids removed.
  • Clean bbq grills or built-in grills using grill brushes to remove any ashes or any pieces of other briquettes.
  • Fill the bottom of the gas grills with the ceramic briquettes placing them in a way that they are next to each other.

It is critical that you make a point to regularly clean the ceramic briquettes inside the bbq grills or built-in grills. If not, there is not going to be the even heat distribution that you would otherwise have. If there is not a lot of build-up on them, turn them over and let the dirt burn off on the next use.

If the ceramic has become much too dirty, you should fill a pail with vinegar and allow the briquettes to soak in there for approximately 20 minutes. After soaking, scrub the dirt off with a brush, rinse, and let them dry completely. If they are too dirty to be cleaned, it’s good to replace them.

Benefits of Ceramic Briquette Use

Ceramic briquettes offer user-friendly simplicity and a taste in the food that can’t be beaten. The ceramics absorb heat quickly and distribute it right away allowing you to turn off the gas and let the briquettes do the cooking for you.

The ceramic briquettes for gas grills are now advanced to the point that they offer smoked flavorings to foods that are being cooked on the grill. This is because they are made with hardwoods that are activated as the heating begins and the temperature is reached. The flavors range from hickory to Mesquite, from cherry to peach, and apple to pecan.


If you’ve struggled with the heat distribution of either your bbq grill or your built-in grill, using the ceramic briquettes is an ideal solution. The food that you cook will come out perfectly cooked every time.

Author: Adam Edmond

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