Published On: Fri, Apr 28th, 2017

How to Use a Scaffold System to Build a Wall

Lots of DIY enthusiasts would love to build their own brick wall. There is something almost meditative of doing this, and seeing the end result. It is repetitive, but also requires a lot of precision. Some walls have to be constructed by professionals, but you can build walls such as garden walls or shed walls. To do this, you will need all the necessary tools and equipment, some of which you need to buy and some of which can hire. Do also look into a scaffold Washington DC hire company, as you are likely to need some scaffolding.

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Tools You Need

What you need for your wall depends on the type of wall you’re building. A simple, short wall requires:

  • Stakes.
  • A tape measure.
  • A spirit level.
  • A ball of twine or spray paint.
  • Water.
  • A brickies’ trowel and a flat board.
  • Bricks.
  • Lime and sand.
  • Cement mix.
  • Time

If, however, you want to build a higher wall, you need a bit more. This is because it really has to be completely straight. Some of the things besides the above you will need include:

  • Information on building codes and regulations from your local authority.
  • A scaffold tower.

Scaffold Towers

Setting up a scaffold tower isn’t difficult. If you hire one, it is likely that it will be done for you. However, just in case, you need to start by setting up a foundation of solid earth that can easily drain. Mark this area out and dig a wall that will hold the foundation for your wall. For every two meters in height, you need a 45cm deep and 60cm across hold for the foundation. Stake this trench and get to mixing your cement, then pour this in and you have created your foundation.

Foundation in place, it is time to build your scaffolding tower. Generally speaking, a tower will come with color coded parts and an easy to follow instruction manual. If you are unsure, ask the company that hired the tower for help. You need to make sure that you know how high you want your wall to be, so that you can build the tower to the right height. Do not, however, use it until your wall is at a height that you can no longer reach from the ground. After all, your tower will not be properly supported yet, although mobile towers tend to have their own foundations.

Scaffolding is a hugely important tool that has been around for thousands of years. It is a very effective tool to help people build things up a height. However, wherever there are heights, there is danger and you must be very aware of this, particularly if you are a DIY-er. You cannot simply climb several foot high up a scaffolding tower, with all your tools and equipment, unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Again, the company from which you hired your tower will be more than happy to help you.

Author: Anwar Hossain

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