Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2018

How to Turn Your Run-Of-The-Mill Ride into an Exotic Car

Being able to own and drive a fancy, exotic car is a dream that most people have but that few fulfill. Because, like most items of luxury, exotic cars cost mega bucks. Sure, you could always stop by a place the specializes in exotic cars for rental and get a taste of that high-end life, but if you’re looking for a more permanent fixture, your ultimate solution may be closer than you think.

That’s right. There’s a chance that the car sitting in your garage or driveway could be looking exotic in no time, with a little time and effort from you, of course. Are you ready to give it a shot?

Lamborghini Huracan

What Exactly Is an Exotic Car?

Before we get into how to go about turning your run-of-the-mill ride into an exotic car, let’s get take a quick definition detour. When it comes to what constitutes an exotic car, many motorheads have a variety of specifications, including speed capabilities and the materials used to make the car. Some think an exotic car can only be foreign, like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or a Porsche.

For our purposes, think of an exotic car as one that costs thousands and thousands of dollars and looks like something that James Bond would drive. With that in mind, you’re ready to get the ball rolling.

You’ll Want to Have a Sleek and Sexy Exterior

There are few things you can do to have that car looking pimped out from the outside. First, look at your paint job. Take some time to spruce it up a bit with some metallic, acrylic, or urethane car paint. Tinted windows, so long as they’re legal in your state, are also a great way to have the outside of your car looking the part. You can also never go wrong with picking up some new quality tires and rims.

You’ve probably noticed that exotic cars tend to have fancy-looking spoilers. You can look the part without having to spend the big bucks, and fiberglass spoilers could be that viable alternative.

For something that’s a little more work and cost intensive, you could also pick up a body kit, which can add a variety of different extensions, such as front and rear bumpers, that will have your ride looking sleek and sexy.

Don’t Forget About the Inside

Tricking out the exterior of your car is the most obvious way to turn heads, but, for the sake of you and any potential passengers, you’ll want to take some time on the inside as well.  

Replacements are key to a maintaining a refurbished-looking interior. That could mean everything from a new steering wheel, to new seats, to new carpeting, to even a new gear shift knob. Replacing the plastic in your car with vinyl or leather also wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Copping a fancy new multimedia stereo system, particularly if you have easily bored kids in the car, could also be a worthwhile investment.

You’ll Be Living That Exotic Life in No Time

Turning your run-of-the-mill ride into an exotic car is the perfect way to live that life of luxury in a more permanent way than shopping at an exotic cars rental place.

While whatever alterations you make may not have your ride looking 100% like the real deal, they will certainly be a step in the right direction and will hopefully have you feeling just a little bit more luxurious.

Author: Foci Fo

Lamborghini Aventador Photo from Aventador.com

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