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How to take Gorgeous Airbnb photos

Guests see a huge number of photos in the app. They form the idea about the future resting place. High quality professional photos give the hosts guaranties, that very soon the guests will rent their house or apartment. Read more https://masterhost.ca/airbnb-photography/.

Making a photo plan

The success of the case will largely depend on the photo shoot. Make a detailed plan of photography, including even small things. You need to pay attention to the following:

  • What kind of photos should be: family, modern, maybe rural;
  • What amenities to emphasize: a good kitchen, a comfortable hall, a chic bath;
  • Show the surrounding area;
  • Identify the most important pieces of furniture;
  • Show the safety of the life conditions for guests.

To make the session more complete, take pictures of adjacent objects that can attract the attention of guests.

The quality of cleaning property

Photos on Airbnb should, first of all, demonstrate the ideal cleanliness of the premises. Nothing annoys guests, more than dirty rooms and ungroomed neighborhoods. To make the photos successful, follow these steps:

  • Clean up the furniture.
  • Thoroughly rinse the dishes you are going to take pictures of.
  • Remove extra things from the rooms, even if they are valuable.
  • Clean the floor to shine.

Put the bathroom and kitchen in order. Gently hang clean towels, spread pans, plates in their places.

Creating an atmosphere of comfort for guests

Any person who is preparing for rest wants to spend it in comfortable conditions. Through photos on Airbnb, the host can show all the virtues of his real estate. These properties have:

  1. Panoramic photos. One photo will show a three-dimensional image and tell a lot about the subject of real estate.
  2. Photos taken by a wide-angle lens. They give a clear idea of space. In the picture everything is in plain sight, nothing is hidden from view. The owner of such photos has more confidence in the guests.
  3. Photos from different angles. Monotonous images taken at the same angle can’t convey all the conveniences of the object.

The importance of good lighting and natural sunlight

Bright light guarantees the receipt of highly professional images. Natural sunlight is especially important for achieving optimal depth, contrast and color. Before you start taking pictures, open the curtains and blinds so as not to restrict the sun’s access. In those rooms where there is not enough natural light, it is necessary to include all light sources. If some corners in the room remain dark, additional electric light devices should be used. This way you can show potential guests all the advantages of the object.

The importance of quality equipment for shooting (the ability to use a smartphone)

When taking photographs with the camera it is necessary to have digital settings that would meet your needs. To balance the device it is desirable to have a tripod. Then the photos will be clear and sharp.

Your smartphone is quite suitable for taking photos. It is also desirable to strengthen it on something, so that the photos turned out to be of high quality.

Horizontal photos

It is very important the photos to be horizontal. Vertical photography can be done in small rooms like a bath or kitchen of small sizes. In order not to spoil the overall impression of your session, try to minimize the number of vertical shots.

The importance of exposure

The quality of photos strongly depends on the amount of light that enters the lens. It can make the picture dark or bright. The user is able to adjust the exposure by touching the screen. If the shot is dark, tap the frame to make it lighter.

The extra light in the room degrades the quality of the picture. When the background is too bright, objects that could be important for guests are barely visible. Natural light should be enough, but it mustn’t be too much for taking photos.

Focus on important objects for guests

In photos should be displayed important features of properties. Show what kind of lifestyle awaits the guest. What he can enjoy. Surely the guest will not stay at home all the time. It is important to demonstrate the types of shops, restaurants, parks nearby. Show the benefits of rest both indoors and outside. Pay attention to the little things. They’re important, too.

photo/ Русский

The variety and number of photos

The service allows guests to see hundreds of photos. But that doesn’t mean they should all be downloaded. What’s more, it’s better to choose quality rather than quantity. A dozen good shots will give you a complete picture of the future housing. If there are too few of them, you will also not be able to appreciate the property. A small amount can arouse the suspicion of the guests about the quality conditions. The most optimal is the download within 25-35 photos of the intended object.

Subsequent photo processing

To ensure that photos meet Airbnb requirements, they must be processed further. Several apps can be found to bring images into a decent look on the Internet. They are:

  • VSCO – edits photos, improves focus and clarity.
  • Snapseed is a free app with Photoshop features. 
  • Adobe Lightroom is one of the best professional apps. It has a built-in camera. Offers free and paid functions.

The importance of Airbnb photo-sharing

It is desirable to arrange them in this order:

  • Distribute objects by categories. This will help the guest to understand better the merits of your property;
  • Load the best photos of each room. This will attract the attention of guests; 
  • Display images of the bathroom, kitchen, living room;
  • Show the surroundings of the house.

Try to demonstrate by 20-35 photos the entire look of the rented object.

Photo Captions

Guests should see not only photos, but also captions to them. They should emphasize some of the virtues of the object being demonstrated. If you write just the name of the room, the guest is unlikely to be interested in it. For example: for the kitchen, write about cooking conditions. You can find something interesting to write about the other rooms.

Regularly update the photos

Your photos should be constantly updated. A photo shoot is an advertisement for your property. Make changes that can make it better:

  • Add new extensions, places to relax;
  • Change images that seem unsuccessful;
  • Don’t forget to show updated wallpaper, new tiles in the bathroom and kitchen.

Keep an eye on Airbnb customer reviews. If they don’t speak well about your photos, improve them so that they can meet the requirements of guests.

Author: Trycia Marks

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