Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

How To Store Money Better

Get some tips on money storage and saving money in the future, for a better financial outlook. 

Storage comes in all shapes and forms, and during such challenging times, we want to give you some tips to help you store your money better. The economy is facing quite a dip, and many of us are looking at potential job loss, continued furlough and associated financial difficulties. Here are our top tips on boosting your money storage, and the amount of money getting saved:

Virtual Carboot Sale Bonanza

Now is a great time to sell excess items you have available to sell because so many people are still only online shopping. You have a bigger audience to sell to than you would have had before. Consider the following to boost the money you can make:

  • Empty your cheap self storage unit (see www.storing.com/) out of any excess items you no longer need. Sell the excess and downsize to a smaller unit to save even more money per month
  • Sell off any devices you don’t use, such as smart watches, fitness devices and other technology
  • Sell off any clothes you no longer wear or like
  • Sell off anything you purchased in bulk in a lockdown panic, like gardening items or bulk dried food


Deal Hunter

Deals are still out there to be had, even though the economy has kind of gone kaput. Consider every expenditure you have and how you might lower it, so that you have more money to put away. Utility companies, savings accounts, cheap self storage units and more – there are many ways to save just a few pounds a month by searching out the best deals. 

Savings Accounts Account For Plenty

Although interest rates are low, there are still some that are better than others so it makes sense to store your money in the best possible account. Do play it safe whilst things are so uncertain, and do carefully consider any fixed or locked accounts. 

Embracing The Lockdown Savings Boost

Some people have benefitted from a lockdown savings boost because they have continued to work, but their outgoings have been stripped right back. No petrol to pay for, no lunch everyday, no childcare costs – some families have saved hundreds of pounds. Make the most of this savings boost and lock that money away. It’s been a miserable time but, it’s important to see those silver linings when they happen. 

Property Pride

With extra time on your hands, why not boost one of the best ways you store your money – in property. If you own your house, why not give it a lick of paint or, even work on a new bathroom? If you have the time and a bit of extra cash, it could be sensible to reinvest back into your main financial investment – your home. 

Times are challenging for all of us, especially financially. Saving in every way you can and being sensible about how you store your money is a really great approach to an uncertain future. Soon enough things will hopefully return to some sort of normal, and with careful planning, we might all just come out of this much more financially savvy. 

Author: Anne Preston

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