Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Your Workplace

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

It is often easy to feel invisible in the office. We may perform our tasks exceptionally well, meet and even exceed targets yet our efforts rarely get noticed by the decision makers. In an increasingly competitive workplace it is a necessity to get noticed for the sake of salary raise or be chosen for the promotions in the office or just a boost to our motivation and passion for the job.

Here are six ways that will help you stand out at work:

  • Follow up with the projects

Be the person who takes up minutes on that impromptu meeting and email them to the rest or remember to follow up on leads and suggestions made. A lot of ideas, skills and talents float around the office yet few people take the time to catalogue them and follow up with the rest on their relevance to the company. Be the due diligence person. It will make you indispensable and reliable in your team.

  • Go The Extra Mile

The easier route is always to do just what is required of you, to stick to your job description but to be noticeable and to stand out you need to go the extra step. You need to take on more projects, initiate new systems and methods of working. Letting your passion and understanding of the job flow into your assignments and putting in the extra hours to meet deadlines definitely make you stand out. Being the person who comes up with new ways of doing the projects and the most efficient cost-cutting measures makes you unique.

  • Focus on Your Strengths

What is your X factor that skill, talent or ability that makes you come alive? Whether it is administration, people skills, sales, or building networks and bridges always lean hard on what you are best able to do. Focusing on your strengths makes it easier to build your brand as the go-to person for a particular set of needs.

  • Go back To School

Taking short courses, signing up for seminars or learning a specialized skill in your area of work is a great boost. Getting tutored helps keep your skills fresh and market valued.  Be a thought leader in your area always coming up with new knowledge, skill sets and perspective that helps others to work better. Get trained on various courses and certifications from premier training organizations like ExcelR, IIM, ISB etc.

  • Be Available

Whenever you can offer help without spreading yourself too thin then be willing to provide the support.  Whether it is a new research team or fetching coffee for others. Offer to do everything that helps your colleagues and the company succeed like organize the charity race, make that presentation to the visitors or organize a charity.

  • Be Nice to people

In the modern day workplace the feeling is always to stomp others down to get ahead. Putting others down may make you seem like you are winning but cooperation is always a working strategy. Don’t go bad mouthing your boss and colleagues, speak up for your employer, show restraint when it comes to the company grapevine, stand up for those you feel are being victimized and help the new employee settle in.  Make the environment around you habitable and accommodating, it will always be recognized. While people may envy the jerks achievement they would never want to work on a project alongside him or her.

Guest Author: Ram Tavva

About the author:
Mr. Ram Tavva is an eminent management guru with over 2 decades of professional experience. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), one of the premier B-schools of the world. He is currently working as a management consultant for ExcelR Solutions, leaders in Management training and consulting (www.excelr.com)



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