Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2019

How to Save Money on Your Next Smartphone

Having the latest and greatest tech devices is an expensive proposition. From phones to televisions to cameras, if you are buying the first iteration of a device, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But this does not always have to be the case. Instead of impulse buying the latest smartphone, do a bit of research to save you a good chunk of money in the end.

Only Pay for Features You Need

Every new phone needs a hook to draw in new customers and bring old ones back to the table. But it is important to know whether that new feature is something you really need or something you will only use for a short time. Knowing the difference can save you hundreds in the long run. For instance, internal storage may be a feature you think you need but really don’t have much use for. Most internal storage comes in 16 or 32GB flavors. Both sizes hold thousands of songs and hours of video, but at very different prices. Before you opt for the larger size, know that even if you have enough room to store movies for a round-the-world flight, your phone’s battery life is something else you need to consider. Even if you have the content to make it around the world, your battery will have died hours before, making it a useless feature.

Some of these features can also be found at 9apps, a great mobile application distribution platform.


Purchase Pared Down Versions

Many phone manufacturers are starting to make slightly pared down versions of their flagship phones, which retail at a lower cost. These phones are still packed with features that suffice for most users. Devices like the Motorola G (2015) and Samsung Mini line are slightly less powered than their flagship brethren, but they are just as powerful as the flagships of only a few years ago.

Another choice is to grab the previous model. This still gets you the latest and greatest features — especially if the company has a fast release cycle — but at a lower price. However, be careful that you don’t buy a phone that isn’t supported by the manufacturer or carrier because you won’t get system updates or security patches.

Look for Internet Deals

If you really want and need to have the best phone out there, do your research to get a good deal. Keep tabs on fan sites to keep up to date on deals from the manufacturer or retailers. Price matching is your friend since it’s easier to find deals around the web and then buy the phone in a brick-and-mortar store. This way you don’t have to wait on shipping times.

Go for Payment Plans

Lately, major carriers have been transitioning to integrate a payment plan option that goes on your monthly bill. Before, phones cost $200 to $300 up front in addition to your phone plan, but now carriers like T-Mobile are getting rid of the upfront cost, which lets you get the higher end phones on a more regular basis.

Trading in your old phone for credit toward a new one is another popular option. As long as the phone isn’t too old and in fairly good condition, this gives you a fair chunk off your next purchase.

Guest Author: Carol Trehearn

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