Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

How to Safely Access the Deep Dark Webs

Are you trying to browse content on the World Wide Web? Well, the results you get are just a tip of the iceberg.

Beneath what you see, lies the deep and the dark web. Accessing dark web or the deep web is not easy. But why?

Well, most of the files in the deep and dark web are hidden for a specific reason. For instance, government documents and personal records are not meant for the public eye. As such, hiding them helps keep them safe.

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But what about the dark web? It’s more complex. It’s a part of the web that runs through private networks. Communication is done through specific means. For this reason, the sites are quite anonymous and hard for any authority to shut them down.

The dark web may host harmless content as well as illegal activities. For example, the dark web may have a site that offers complex riddles. Another one may be in the form of a book to make E-books look more professional. Despite this, another one may be a platform where people with free speech are threatened.

But despite this, the dark web is known for illegal pieces of stuff. These are some illegal activities to expect here.


  • Stolen Information


In any case of a data breach, there is a high chance that the stolen information is sold here. People resort to the dark web to buy things like hacked Netflix accounts, log-in credentials among others.


  • Illicit Items


Illegal and prescription drugs are sold on the dark web. You may also get toxic chemicals that may cause untold damage to most people.


  • Dangerous Products and Services


All manner of illegal activities can be found here. With the dark web, everything can get ugly really fast. Things like human trafficking, body parts, child trafficking, hitmen for hire and guns for sale can be found on the dark web.

In short, you can buy anything you want on the dark web. Such may include things that you’d better not imagine of.

Most financial transactions here use bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that assures sellers and buyers of anonymity.

So, is the dark web safe? It may be safe in some cases. That’s when you’re engaging in legitimate content. If not, it’s not safe. These are some basic safety considerations to make.


  • The Criminal Element


There is a greater chance that you’ll end up in sites run by crooks and criminals. Beyond buying and selling illegal substances, they may seek to steal or exploit you.


  • Breaking the Law


You may be held liable for the things you do on the dark web. It’s imperative that you behave in an appropriate and legal way.


  • Suspicious Links


Don’t click any link on the dark web. It may redirect you to a specific content that you may not want to see. Clicking or downloading a file may potentially infect your device with malware. You don’t want this to happen.


  • The Law Enforcement


In most cases, there are law enforcement officers on the deep and dark web. The purpose is to catch people engaging in illegal activities.

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