Published On: Thu, Jun 15th, 2017

How To Properly Care For Your Feet

Your feet undergo a lot of stress during the course of a typical day. You can help them stay healthy by taking some simple steps. For instance, by making sure that your water intake is adequate, keeping your feet moisturized with lotion, and massaging them to release tension, you can ensure that they stay in great shape.

In the following section, you can find some exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscles in your feet. This can help improve circulation while at the same time building strength. Along with that, it can also help relieve any tension that you may be carrying in your feet.

Make Your Toes Stronger
The following exercises are designed to increase the strength of your toes. While you are standing, try to lift up your big toe while keeping all of your other toes pressing down into the ground. Then, do the opposite, pressing the big toe into the ground while trying to lift up the four other toes. To make the process even more challenging, try to press your big toe and your little toe down into the ground while lifting up the three toes in the middle. You may find it quite difficult to move your toes on their own.

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Focus On Your Ankles
You can increase the strength and flexibility of your ankles simply by pointing and flexing your foot. This can also help tone the muscles of the foot.

Another way to improve the flexibility of your ankles is by rotating your foot around in circles. Sit in a chair and move each of your feet in circles, switching directions part way through the exercise. This can help keep your joints flexible and strong.

Gently Stretch Your Toes
One easy way to gently stretch your toes is by interlacing your fingers between them. Wearing shoes can cause your toes to press together. This can help loosen them up, expanding the space between them.

Relieve Tension With A Tennis Ball
A simple tennis ball can be a valuable tool when it comes to relieving tension in your feet. Simply place the ball on the ground and roll it around using the bottom of one of your feet. In essence, this acts as a mini massage for your feet, helping to relieve tension.

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Custom Feet
Custom insoles are hugely beneficial if you want to look after your feet and can make for a far more comfortable pair of shoes. They also will help your feet look and feel far healthier and better.

Use Your Toes To Pick Up Small Objects

Sprinkle marbles or other small objects on the floor and use your toes to try to pick them up. This can help strengthen the muscles in your toes and can make it easier for your toes to work independently from one another.

Massage Your Feet
Massaging your feet with oil can be a great way to reduce tension and to improve circulation. You can even add essential oil to the massage oil to enhance the effect. For instance, rosemary essential oil can be used to boost circulation whereas geranium essential oil can be used to promote relaxation.

Just be sure to mix the essential oils with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. Once your oil is mixed, be sure to keep it in a place where it is protected from the light and where it won’t get too hot. You can generally keep massage oil for about half a year before it will go bad as long as you store it properly.

A word of warning, however – you should avoid massage if you have an active infection in your body. Because massage increases blood flow, it can mobilize bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens, causing them to spread to other parts of your body. You should also avoid massaging any areas where you have scars or varicose veins.

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