Published On: Thu, Jun 13th, 2019

How to Prevent a Cavity

Have you ever had a cavity? If not, we want to applaud you! However, if you have always wondered how people develop a cavity, there are real reasons why. It’s not always luck and for the most part, it is not always genetic. Although it can be a little, there are also a lot of things you can be doing in order to prevent a cavity. The best dentist Noblesville IN is here to explain exactly how to prevent a cavity. Keep reading to learn more.

Brush your teeth two times per day

One of the best things that you can be doing to prevent cavities is taking care of your teeth every day. Although we will get into that more as the article continues, it’s important that you brush your teeth two times per day. Although most people brush them when they wake up after breakfast and before they go to sleep, you can choose what time of the day you end up brushing them. Most people like to brush them when they wake up because they have “morning breath”, you can also simply brush them after lunch and after dinner if you prefer.

Switch your toothbrush every three months

You have probably heard to switch your toothbrush every 3 months. This is because particles end up getting stuff inside of your toothbrush as well as the bristles are not like they once were. Most dental practices give you a new toothbrush when you visit them every 6 months so that means you only need to purchase one more in between visits.

Don’t have too hard of a toothbrush

Another great tip is to not have too hard of a toothbrush. We recommend trying to have a soft toothbrush. This means that the bristles are soft and bend easily. This will allow them to gently glide over your teeth and in between them. Most toothbrushes are marked if they are soft or hard, this means we recommend that you choose soft.

Brush your teeth gently

Your gums are sensitive. When you brush too hard it actually can cause harm to your teeth. That is why we recommend that when you are brushing your teeth you brush gently. If you have an elective toothbrush, you can just slowly run your electric toothbrush right over the teeth without doing anything. If you have a toothbrush that is normal and manual, you simply brush softly on each tooth until you are finished your entire mouth. That should take around two minutes.

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Floss every day

One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to floss. When you brush your teeth, you are still missing a large chunk of the food particles in your mouth that are left over. That is why it’s a good idea to floss every single day. When you are flossing you probably get food out from between your teeth. If you are not flossing, that food sits in there and turns into plaque and can end up causing cavities and other problems.

Rinse your mouth after certain foods and beverages

Foods like soda, coffee, soda, and other foods that have a lot of sugar in them are not good for you. Of course, many people are coffee drinkers and do have these kinds of foods and beverages every single day. The first recommendation we have is to try and limit the amount of these you are consuming. When you do have them though, rinse your mouth out after you consume them. This will help the particles not sit on your teeth as long. This will prevent your teeth from going darker and getting stained but it also will help food not to stay in if you are able to quickly rinse your mouth out with water after you finish consuming those kinds of foods.

Avoid sugar

Sugar is not good for your teeth. It is like cancer for your teeth. As we suggested, if you do have it, try and rinse your mouth with water after so that it doesn’t sit on your teeth for too long. As much as you can, try and avoid sugar and sugar intake. By doing this, you also will become a much healthier person.

Go to the dentist every 6 months

Going to the dentist on a regular basis is important to ensure your teeth stay lean. A dentist is actually able to see a cavity form before it has fully developed. If you go to the dentist on a regular basis they will be able to help clean it out so that it does not become a full-on cavity. Or they can put a cap on it so that it doesn’t become a cavity. Regardless, seeing the dentist on a regular basis will help prevent cavities inside of your mouth.

If you are having any issues, see your dentist right away

If you are having any pain inside your mouth it’s important that you see your dentist right away. This will help you to get assistance the minute anything is becoming an issue. Most doctors can be available and have an emergency line or create time in their day for someone that is having an emergency situation. Make sure if you are experiencing pain that you call your dentist right away so that they can help you so that it does not get any worse.

As you can see, there are a lot of great and easy ways to prevent a cavity. If you follow these tips, you are most likely not to get a cavity and even to get great news each time you see the dentist. This will not only create less pain for you in your life, but it will be easier on your wallet too. Follow these tips and you will be cavity-free for years (if not, the rest of your life)!

Author: Vanessa Liz De La Cruz

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