Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

How to Prepare the Perfect ‘Survival Kit’ for Moving Day

Every move brings with it some very important tasks and responsibilities. When you are organising your move, it’s important to keep these key tasks and responsibilities in mind, such as making sure you have enough cash for unexpected costs, making sure all your belongings are properly packed, and even making sure you have a good feeling for the area to which you are relocating.

But apart from this, there’s another key consideration as well. This is related to the actual day of your move. More often than not, in your haste to make sure that everything is done properly and everything is going according to schedule, you could very well forget to plan for what you need on the actual day itself. Here, then, is your complete guide to the perfect ‘survival kit’ for moving day.

photo/Dominic via wikimedia commons

photo/Dominic via wikimedia commons

Why do you need a ‘survival kit’?

The importance of having a ‘survival kit’ for moving day can’t be ignored. If you have this kit with everything you need for the next few days in it, your move will be much easier. With a properly-prepared ‘survival kit’, you don’t have to waste time rummaging through various boxes to find what you need. Everything you need is in one single box so you can focus on other essential tasks, such as unpacking and simply putting your new home (or office) to rights. Having a ‘survival kit’ saves time and allows you to settle in more quickly with the least amount of stress.

What you should prepare

So what should you include in the perfect ‘survival kit’? The most important items to include would be a change of clothes, towels, and toiletries (toiletries should include toilet paper as well as soap. Don’t forget cleaning products and supplies as well. You should also include bed sheets and blankets in your ‘survival kit’, so you can be comfortable when you sleep at night.

Other important items would be your mobile phone chargers and other related tools and items such as scissors, utility knives, sticky tape, a torch or two, a screwdriver, a hammer, and an alarm clock. You would be surprised at how often you would need these items after your move, especially when unpacking.

For the morning after your move, you will need the following items as well: cups and glasses, a kettle, instant tea or coffee, drinks and beverages such as soft drinks, ready-to-eat food or snacks, and plastic utensils and paper plates.

Other essential items to pack in your ‘survival kit’ would be bin and shelf liners, pen and paper, and even menus from nearby takeaways. As moving experts like http://www.advanced-removals.co.uk would confirm, with all these essentials in place, you can expect an easier move in every way.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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