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How to Prepare and Win an Accident Settlement

Personal Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident knows how terrifying and dramatic the experience can be. One is forced to explore options they had never considered before, including hiring a family lawyer in Appleton. Personal injury lawsuits are extremely complex and any regular family lawyer may not have the depth of expertise required to help someone recover from their losses. Furthermore, dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, thus one requires a savvy family lawyer to effectively navigate the case and settle. Personal injury cases are very different from the rest. One must prepare sufficiently in order to have a strong case, and preparation should begin immediately after an accident has taken place.

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The Scene of the Accident

The first thing to do after an accident is to remain calm. Letting anger or other emotions get the best of one’s temperament will not fix the car, and might actually do more harm. It might make the other party angry enough to refuse to cooperate with one’s insurance company, and even start shifting blame. Staying calm helps a person remain clear-headed, allowing them to think properly and follow the best course of action.

The most important thing is that the lives of both drivers are safe. It’s not a requirement that one does this but if the fault turns out to be theirs and they did nothing, they can be sued. One should also ensure that someone at the scene contacts the police (one of the drivers or a witness). This is pertinent because often, insurance adjusters will also want to talk to them. Failing to contact the police could reduce the insurance claim. Lastly, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Dealing with Insurance

It goes without saying that the driver should immediately inform their insurance company about the accident and that they are filing a claim. Claims adjusters and liability examiners have their insurance company’s best interests in mind, thus one should understand these company’s policy terms to get a better idea of what to expect.

The details provided to the insurance company should be minimal and brief. If one has been injured, the extent of the injuries should be withheld until a doctor carries out a physical examination. The cost and expenses related to the accident should be documented, but withheld from the insurance company, as it might give them a premature estimate of what amount to settle for.

The Settlement

The driver must be in direct contact with whoever will be assigned the claim. This will help when checking the status of the claim, and what the chances of winning are. Be polite to the insurance representative as they can delay the process and reduce the chances of getting a large settlement. Never assume responsibility for the accident as it may lower the value of the settlement. One should ensure they focus on the faults of the other driver, emphasizing only on their conduct.

If a settlement offer is presented, the driver must not feel pressured to take it. Ask the insurance company to send all offers in writing to avoid making split-second decisions. One is also free to negotiate with the insurance company or to take time and think about the offer. They can present documentation such as medical bills, to prove that they deserve more.

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