Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2019

How to Play Sony PlayStation Portable Games on Android

Notwithstanding the fact that the modern game industry does its best to please avid gamers with exciting, fun games that stun with exceptional graphics, realistic characters, and conspicuous settings, we still cannot forget retro games. It’s not a mere nostalgia that prompts us into scouring the Internet for retro titles that once kept us glued to a screen and a joystick, of course. Recently, I’ve come across my dust-covered vintage PlayStation Portable I used to play when I was a teen.

Frankly speaking, I’ve been dreaming of playing some vintage console games on my Android phone for quite some time, but I didn’t know where to start. The sight of my good old PSP spurred me on to realize my dream. Fortunately, modern technologies allow playing our favorite PSP games on both PCs and Android devices. At the present time, anyone can download a reliable emulator, get some cool PSP ISOs from a trustworthy online source and start enjoying timeless retro titles on an Android device.  

Playing PSP Games Using the PPSSPP Emulator

As you may know, it’s technically impossible to run old school games on modern comps and phones. Still, gamers eager to relive the happy nostalgic memories can avail themselves of special programs called emulators designed to simulate the operation of vintage consoles and turn modern devices into a platform suitable for running retro titles.

The emulator exceptionally good at emulating the PSP is PPSSPP (quite a funny name, don’t you think?). You can download this tool emulator from Google Store completely legally. Moreover, it’s free of charge.

The PPSSPP emulation tool can run PSP without noticeable freezes and lags. Besides Android, it’s fully compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

PPSSPP enables you to run your favorite PSP titles in the best possible quality. Just adjust some settings in your emulator’s menu and you’ll be able to double the resolution and play games in a more eye-pleasing manner. PPSSPP also empowers you to eliminate annoying defects inherent in some textures.

You won’t need to tinker with installing specific BIOS files for your emulator. It incorporates all the files essential for its proper operation.

The PPSSPP users will definitely appreciate its interface and an easily accessible setup menu from which you can tweak any setting. Still, be advised that one should possess necessary skills and have a relevant experience in setting up emulators. Otherwise, stick with default settings.

Playing PSP Games Using PPSSPP

When you get PPSSPP emulator on your Android device you may want to install it.

  • Google Play provides customers with detailed instructions on how to download and install emulation tools available on the website. Don’t hesitate to follow them to the point to ensure proper functioning of the new program.  

When you finish installing the emulator head to the PPSSPP menu. There you’ll find some pre-installed games. Very simplistic, they’re unlikely to satisfy your gaming taste. So. You may want to go look for more interesting and exciting titles to play. If you’re in search of cool PSP games for your PPSSPP, go straight to RomsMode.com, the online resource boasting a vast collection of all popular PSP games (also known as ISOs).

  • Be mindful of the formats PPSSPP can support. They are the .iso .cso, .pbp, .elf, and .prx files that should be copied to any folder on your device.

Now check out the games you new emulator can support:

Persona 2

– Persona 3

– Dragon Ball Z

– Little Big Planet

– Burnout Legends

– Burnout Dominator

– Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

– Final Fantasy: Type-0

– Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake

– Soul Calibur

– Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6

– Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS

– Lumines

– Worms.

Don’t hesitate to visit RomsMode to get any of the aforementioned titles.

Furthermore, you can utilize the multiplayer mode and share your joy with other gaming pals. You’ll need to incorporate the necessary changes in settings to get maximum pleasure from the game you intend to play. Make sure to create a mobile Wi-Fi distribution point, access your emulator’s network settings and type in the following address: Among the games with multiplayer support are:

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

– Monster Hunter 3rd HD

– Micro Machines V4

– Fat Princess

– Outrun 2006

– World Rally Championship

– Tony Hawk Project 8

– Wipeout Pure

– Wipeout Pulse

– PES13

– PES14.

Important information for those games who like utilizing cheats when playing old school games! The PPSSPP wasn’t designed to support any cheats that would allow you to progress through any of PSP games. So, we recommend that you steer clear of any cheats either downloaded from third-party resources or created on your own.

We hope you’ve succeeded in turning your Android device into a vintage console. Fire up your PPSSPP, select the game you’re itching to run, and have much retro fun!

Author: George H. Black

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