Published On: Fri, Sep 1st, 2017

How To Optimize Conversion Rate For A Public Storage Business

Americans love the concept of public storages; also known as self-storages, and public storage Seattle is highly demanded nowadays.

Many entrepreneurs capitalize on this interest by building public storages. These storages are marketed to prospects using various channels, with the internet being a common favorite.  

However, most entrepreneurs are faced by one common question: How do I get these people to choose my storage over others? In marketing jargon, how do I get my leads to convert into paying customers?

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Well, here’s a few ways you can optimize your conversion rate for a self-storage business in Seattle:


  • Relevant landing pages


This tip is generally applicable on every business’ website. Whenever you run an advertisement online, whether it is on Google’s Search/Display network or Facebook’s paid promotion, always include a link back to your site.

If you’re advertising a specific storage of yours on Facebook, be sure to include a link that directly opens your storage’s product link.

Similarly, an advertisement on Google’s network of one storage should point to your product directly.

Simply put, NEVER redirect a visitor to a page different than that of the product advertised. Such a scenario would result in a high bounce rate, which is highly damaging for any local business channel online, let alone you own business.


  • Keep the reservation process short


Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes booking storage space. Heck, it’s highly doubtable anyone spends 10 minutes booking anything!

In short, keep the booking process as short as possible.

Ideally, clearly advertise how much space a storage facility has, what other services/utilities it has and how much it costs to rent the space per month.

Once a customer has made his/her choice, avoid asking for too many details. Instead, get the customer to input his/her credit card details and complete the booking.


  • Offer free trials/introductory prices


Some websites/webmasters term a newsletter sign up or the creation of an account as a conversion too. Now, once such a ‘conversion’ is made, you should offer the visitor a free trial of your service or alternatively offer a relatively low price to get them to sign up for a long term deal.

If a customer does opt for a free trial, be sure to give them the best services you have on offer. Not only would this increase the chances of a prolonged customer relationship, it would also escalate the possibilities of the visitor endorsing your storage to friends and family.


  • Include past/existing customer testimonials


How many times have you faced a situation where you bought a product and it turned out to be worse than how it was initially advertised? This has happened with even the best of us at least once in our life.

A factor which helps reduce the element of doubt from minds of a prospect are past and existing customer testimonials. Visitors love seeing reviews by real customers of the business.

A good testimonial is tantamount in convincing a visitor impeccable quality of services offered by your business.

Author: M Rafiq

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