Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

How to Make Inexpensive Meals

If you are currently enrolled in the online criminal justice degree program at Portland State University, then there is a good chance you are making ends meet on a student budget. Once you graduate and start looking for jobs in criminal justice your earnings will obviously increase, but for the time being it’s probably important to look for ways to save money.

One place you can save a significant amount of money is on your grocery bill. Finding ways to make inexpensive, tasty, and filling meals can make a huge impact on your expenses. With that in mind we’ve put together some tips that you can use that will allow you to put together tasty meals that don’t cost a fortune.

Make a Running Meal List

Because you probably live a very busy life, there isn’t always time to sit around and plan a meal, shop for the ingredients, and prepare. This is why so many people turn to fast food. In order to stay out of this trap you can create a running meal list. What this means is a list of meals that you know you enjoy, don’t take long to prepare, and are filling. Anytime you are stuck for an idea you can refer to this list and pick a meal off it.

Some people prefer to make a set meal plan for the week so all the planning is done in advance.

Chef Ann of Paleo on the Go is preparing food for the upcoming Holiday Meal donation set to take place on Saturday December 12, 2015 in Clearwater, FL.
Photo Credit:Paleoontehgo.com

Use a Grocery List

The grocery store is absolutely filled with temptations, especially on the ends of the aisles. These temptations can quickly add up on your bill and they often aren’t necessary items. If you make a grocery list in advance you can use it at the store to stay on track and not be lured by those temptations.

Shop for Sale Items

Grocery stores are notorious for their weekly sales, which offer you a chance to save money. Take a look at the sale flyers before you head out and build your meals around what is on sale that week. Scanning the flyers also gives you a chance to clip coupons and do price matching at participating stores. It never hurts to stock up on the staples when they go on sale, as this will save you money in the long-run.

Slow Cooker Meals Can Be Your Best Friend

The slow cooker is an absolute hero in the kitchen when it comes to creating tasty, filling, customized meals that are also very easy on the wallet. There are endless ideas when it comes to pastas, stews, soups, casseroles, and more that can be prepared in the slow cooker. Just use whatever you have on hand and let the slow cooker do it’s magic.

Go Meatless

One item that tends to eat up a huge amount of the grocery budget is meat. If you can, try going meatless a couple of days a week. You can use items such as beans, legumes, and tofu instead. These will provide you with the nutrients you need and leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Making the Necessary Cuts

Until you reach the point where you are able to land one of the many high-paying criminology careers out there, making cuts on the grocery bill will help you to keep your food spending in check.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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