Published On: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017

How to Lose Face Fat to Look Slimmer

One of the unlikely areas to find fat in the body is the face. For some people, face fat has a way of causing a low self esteem. Over the years, dieting has been proffered as the best solution to this condition; usually involving a tiresome process and takes quite a long time. However, in recent times, experts have discovered that there are several other alternatives to help get rid of this condition in no time.

Unlike dieting and sculpting, these alternative solutions function by sculpting the muscles on our face and as a result diminishing its plump effect. Contained in this article are ideas on how to lose face fat to look slimmer.

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Drinking of Water

According to scientists, water is one of the basic composition of the body and as such should be consumed adequately. As a rule of thumb, between six to eight glasses of water is to be taken into the body. This greatly helps in maintaining its freshness. Also, a natural effect of consuming water in large amounts (preferably on a daily basis) is that it helps to reduce weight.

Adequate consumption of water also helps control and regulate the tendency to overeat. This is because, at times, we misinterpret and misplace signals for thirst as hunger. Similarly, lack of water in the body, known as dehydration can lead to swelling or puffiness of the face. This is mostly seen in women during pregnancy and menopause stages.

Face Workouts

This is another effective solution on how to lose face fat to look slimmer. Although this approach usually takes quite a while before results become evident, it is still necessary, as it helps in maintaining the body’s fitness – as it is for the body, so is it for the face. One of the effects of exercising the face is that it helps to make the skin firm.

According to Wellmassive.com, frequent tapping of the face with the back of the hand goes a long way in removing double chin condition. Another exercise that helps to get rid of plumpness on the face is regularly smiling and sucking back the cheek at the same time. Another one is to ensure that your lips is kept closed while you do a wide smile.


Scientists have discovered that face fat has a way of reducing as we grow old. This implies that even if your case of fat is so stubborn that it refuses to response to all the methods applied so far, you can be sure that it will definitely melt away as time passes on. As long as you ensure that you are having proper diet and exercising, be patient and see your face taking back its shape as you age. However, you should still expect that the face will also have the attributes associated with aging; such as a bony structure and loss in its roundness.

Use of Make-Up

One of the simplest way on how to lose face fat is to use make-up. We all can agree to the fact that applying make-up to the face has a way of hiding lots of abnormalities on the face and this includes face fat. By applying blush on the jawline – below the ear and on the chin, it hides any form of fat on double chin. Another approach is the use of white powder on the chin, forehead and nose to produce a camouflaging slimming effect of the face.

Similarly, to hide any form of plumpness of the cheeks, a bronze-colored blush would be effective. Also worth mentioning is that haircuts and hairdos are a great way of to impact on the looks of your face.

Face Ultrasounds

A notable development in cosmetic solutions is the use of ultrasounds for effecting certain improvements and change on the face. As is typical of this technology, heat energy is applied on the face to melt the fat without having any negative on the cells and tissues. As the fat becomes liquefied, it is removed from the body.

Cosmetic Surgery and Liposuction

One of the quickest way to produce an effect such as a loss of face fat is having a surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are however expensive and risky, as they are high chances of something going wrong on or after the operation.  For the case of  liposuction, the side effects are quite mild as it just involves sucking the fat out of the face with the use of vacuum tubes.

Bottom Line

With the above mentioned tips practiced regularly, however simple they may sound, any face can be rejuvenated and ridded off fat.

Author: Wellmassive.com

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  1. Jake Miller says:

    Never thought that makeup could be useful in this case. Sure it’s good to hide some acne trace but, does it work when it comes to face fat? If so, I’ll definitely use it more! Despite of its well-known aging effect (if it stays on the skin for a long time) I think it’s a great alternative for those who can’t lose fat at all. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Susana Santos says:

    As in every weight loss process, the lose of face fat is no different. You need to lose weight on your whole body. Drink lots of water, eat properly, sleep well and exercise a lot that you’ll see results in no time!

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