Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

How to Keep Your Solar Panels in Top Condition?

If you live in a sunny place, using solar panels at home is a very good way of being environmentally responsible. However, installing solar panels is a substantial investment and you need to ensure that they are kept in a good condition so that they perform optimally and last longer. Some valuable tips to get the most out of your solar panels:

photo courtesy of De Aar Solar Power

Keep Them Spotlessly Clean

The problem with solar panels is that they usually work very well in complete silence, without requiring any manual intervention. This means that unless you monitor them, you will never know that they are running sub-optimally. The main factor that affects the operation of solar panels is dirt and grime on the surface of the panels. You need to keep the panels as clean as possible so that the full energy of the sun can be harnessed. The frequency of cleaning required depends on the extent of pollution in the place you live in.

Be Careful About How You Clean

The first thing to remember is that solar panels Adelaide should never be cleaned with harsh chemical agents or scrubbers. Your main aim should be to get the surface spotless without scratching the glass. The best way is to use soft sponges or wash rags with a biodegradable soap solution that can be washed off without leaving residues. Frequent cleaning means less work, and you might even be able to get your work done by simply hosing down the panels.

Keep the Panel Out of the Shade

Solar panels depend on sunlight to generate electricity. Often as the years go by you may have nearby trees growing larger and casting shadows on the panels. While cutting down trees is a very drastic step that should be avoided, it is normally sufficient to trim them once a year so that they do not obstruct the sunlight. Remember, the percentage of shade falling on the solar panels will exponentiallyreduce the output, not proportionally. This means that you may be losing half the panel’s output even if only a quarter of the panel is in the shade.

Monitor the Panel Performance

There’s nothing complex about solar panel performance monitoring. You just need to see that the green light of the inverter is on, signifying that the batteries are getting charged and that your electricity generation is more than the consumption. If you notice a problem on multiple occasions it may call for a visit by the technician. If you are really finicky, you can monitor the panel output on a daily basis either through a dedicated panel or by downloading the data on your computer or mobile phone.


Solar panels are a great way of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and demonstrating your commitment to environmental conservation. Apart from being kept as clean as possible and in direct view of the sunlight, they don’t require much care. Keeping an eye out for proper performance can help you to take corrective action without losing out on the benefits too much.

Author: Charlie Brown

photo NASA

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