Published On: Sun, Aug 13th, 2017

How To Keep Kids Entertained Without Overspending

With the economy in the crapper and the condition of the job market, it can be truly hard to plan a proper vacation, or stow away any money for the future. What that being said, the hardest thing about all of this is learning to say no to your child. Kids today are only interested in video consoles and electronic gadgets that can costs as much as $400 a pop, which is probably over your current budget. Even if your kid isn’t asking for these high-priced items, it might be possible that reasonable requests are out of your price range. Whatever the situation is you need to be aware of the fact that there are tons of inexpensive ways that you can keep your children entertained, and you will learn about them below.

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

Enjoying A Good Bike Ride

It is probably highly likely that you and your kids both have an old bicycle stored away in the garage or basement. Find a nice day, pull out those bikes, and go for a ride around the neighborhood or through the local park. Not only will you have a fun and exciting time, but also you will probably be burning off a few of those much-needed calories. A good long ride will also tire your child out and make him or her ready for a good long nap, when you get back home.

Enjoy A Picnic With Friends

When was the last time that you and your child enjoyed a good picnic? It’s probably been awhile, because you have been feasting on fast food in order to keep up with the hectic responsibilities of your everyday life. Well, get out that old picnic basket and load it up with some healthy sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and head to the park. Not only will you be able to save money on lunch, but also your kids can enjoy the play area at the park, while you rest. If you want to even make the whole situation more enjoyable, you can ask your child to invite along a friend or two.

Take Advantage Of Online Movies

In today’s time, it is pretty safe to assume that you probably have access to the Internet. You would be surprised at the wide range of free games and entertainment that is available on the Internet. In fact, you can visit sites like 123movies and watch tons of free movies or TV series.

Create A Fairy Garden

Just about every curious kid will enjoy working outdoors. Exploring outside opens up doors of opportunities for children to learn more about Mother Nature. If you are looking for a new and exciting activity for your children that will not cost a fortune, you should consider making a fairy garden. You only need a small spade and shovel, as well as a flowerpot for this project. Some people will choose to invest in a few nick knacks, while others will utilize items found in nature to create the garden.

You can let your children collect pebbles, leaves, flowers and branches for this project. It may be a good idea to head down to the hobby store and purchase a few small, cheap items, such as:

  • A miniature house
  • Small plants
  • Fairies
  • Potting soil
  • Butterflies
  • Bees
  • Wheel barrel
  • Signs

In total, these items should not cost any more than $20, which is perfect for the family on a budget. However, you can create the fairy garden, without making any purchase. Fill the pot with soil and add the plants and decorations, now you have a beautiful fairy garden that will last over the summer.

Create A Family Tree

Creating a family tree is a great time for children to explore their roots. The only items you need for this project is paper and markers. You can also utilize templates or stamps that make a leave or flower, just to make the activity more exciting for your children. Now, you may need to access a computer and the Internet, so you can research your family genealogy, but most people have these in their home.

Draw out a tree on the paper and start adding the names. Let the children place the leaves and flowers on the tree to complete the project. Hang your new creation on the refrigerator, so everyone can see your children’s creativity.

Author: Ben Mart

Photo screenshot YouTube video by BayCycle Project

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